Google challenges Microsoft with $149 Chromebook laptops

“Google Inc. unveiled $149 laptops, challenging Microsoft Corp. in the market for the lowest-priced computers,” Brian Womack reports for Bloomberg.

“The new Chromebooks, the least-expensive ones yet, feature ‘all-day’ battery life and are available online for pre-order, Google said Tuesday in a blog post,” Womack reports. “Google is pushing low-end laptops as it looks for new ways to draw people to its Chrome operating system from Microsoft’s Windows.”

Womack reports, “The Google laptops, which don’t have hard drives, rely on the Internet for typical tools such as e-mail, document storage, word processing and spreadsheet creation.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: It’s the battle for the empire of junk upon which Apple looks down with amusement.

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    1. Chromebooks have local storage.

      MDN is vigilant about pointing out lies and FUD in articles about Apple products, but seems to have a blind eye for its reporting on others. Can you imagine what MDN would say if someone claimed that MacBooks “don’t have hard drives?”

      1. Chromebooks have local storage in the sense that documents in your google drive can be mirrored to you hard drive for offline access, but they STILL EXIST IN YOUR GOOGLE DRIVE. There is no way to put something on your Chromebook that Google doesn’t know about. There is no way to do anything with your Chromebook that Google doesn’t know about.

    2. Google is the most invasive of all the tech companies. Worse than facebook. My buddy texted me from his Android phone the other day and said that I should get a waterfall installation in my back yard (oh hell no), and then he told me that right after that, he was being served ads on his phone for backyard waterfalls.

  1. Cheap is best. I also love hurtling down mountains on a $200 “mountain bike” from Walmart, driving a Yugo at highway speed (or as close as it can get) and eating McDonalds every day.

  2. Yea, but when you have cheapskates running things and trying to push out Apple stuff for these cheap junk items your job is in danger, which is the position I am in currently! VMware taking over server rooms and now clients and google making a cheap platform and maybe ms now things don’t look good for Apple if this path continues and Apple doesn’t counter it. Instead Apple has done away with the Xserve, run the mac mini and the macbook into the ground and only giving 5GB of data for iCloud storage for free. I’m not liking what I am seeing these days and a little worried.

  3. Microsoft dug themselves into a big hole with Windows 8. Windows PCs can’t even claim the low end anymore, because to be fully functional, they need a touchscreen (making them more expensive). And the software is so bloated that 20 GB of local storage is needed, just to hold a minimal installation that does not include Office (and the pre-installed crap-ware), plus higher RAM and other tech spec requirements, adding to the cost to produce a Windows PC.

    Microsoft’s hardware partners want to make a cheap PC, like back in the “netbook” days when they still used Windows XP as their “go to” OS. Microsoft is their roadblock, and the primary cause of the ongoing slump in the PC industry (except for Apple).

  4. What I wonder about is: Why isn’t the NYT doing an investigative piece on whatever sweatshops these dumb terminals are being manufactured in? Why isn’t Greenpeace pointing out obvious environmental impacts from these cheap throwaways? Why isn’t anyone reporting on which mines supply their rare earth metals?Wouldn’t garner all the clicks they want, I guess ….

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