Apple Watch: Swiss luxury watch industry faces extinction level event

“Just like a soothing sunset can be ruined with a particular cloud cover forewarning of an upcoming storm, there are signs that the luxury watch industry is about to experience the closest thing it has ever faced to an extinction level event,” Neil Cybart writes for Above Avalon. “Only a few luxury watchmakers, including TAG Heuer and a handful of others, have bothered to even wake up and take in the lawn furniture. Switzerland is under the spell of a widespread illusion. ”

MacDailyNews Take: Delusion is more like it.

“The upcoming storm is called utility, and Apple is at the front line of bringing it to the wrist. With Apple Watch, Jony Ive and company are looking to change the way we interact with technology, utilizing what some may say is the most efficient region of the body for a wearable device: the wrist,” Cybart writes. “With proper line of sight and ergonomics, the wrist is arguably a better solution for a good portion of computing and communicating compared to carrying around 5-inch pieces of fragile glass in our hands and pockets.”

Cybart writes, “We will likely look back at this era with interest and intrigue, and wonder why luxury watch makers didn’t see the upcoming storm approaching.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Tick tock, tick tock…

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  1. I think its going to happen more than most people think. Those high priced watches aren’t going away though. But there are a lot of people that don’t wear watches and this is aimed at getting them & those that want the health aspect . I think once people see others wearing them- getting texts on them and talking on them- BOOM they have them

  2. Obviously you know nothing about watches. People that buy Pateks, GP’s, Zeniths may also buy a smart watch but they will NEVER give up the beauty of a mechanical timepiece.

    Smart Watches and mechanical watches will co-exist, one will not kill the other.

    1. Where the damage will most probably be felt is in the watch market that sells the $200-1000 pieces. These mimic (usually) the higher end designs, or go off in bizarre tangents, but, are dressings on standard movements which are mass manufactured. Time will tell.

  3. If cheap quartz watches, calculator watches, fitbits and cheesy chinese knockoffs haven’t killed the fine heirloom luxury watch market, then what makes anybody think that Apple’s watch will? The Apple Watch is a ~5 year investment.

    Moreover, the luxury watch market is totally different than the Apple Watch market. The $3k+ luxury swiss watch is worn by the person at the head of the table. It establishes his/her dominance and strokes his/her ego.

    The “smartwatch”, even one with an Apple logo, is primarily worn by fanboys and marketing geeks whose attendance at meetings is only for the purpose of warming the chair. Those people think they NEED a smartwatch to read their messages and FB their friends discreetly during the meeting while the other people make decisions.

  4. I’m not convinced anyone but the technology press gives two hoots about smartwatches period, let alone those that start at $350. Let’s be real here, the only reason expensive smartphones sell so well is that they’re subsidized. These things aren’t, and the masses won’t be buying them. If a few upper class people have nothing better to spend their money on, that’s fine, but nobody should deceive themselves into believing the Apple Watch will be anything near as ubiquitous as the iPhone.

  5. This article is a gross exaggeration of the facts and predictions of the future. There’ll always be a place in this world for quality time pieces and for little computers you strap on your wrist. These are two completely separate areas of the market. Switzerland need not worry, nor Rolex et al.

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