Apple Watch and iPhone 6 Plus might flip your mobile computing habits

“Apple’s new wearable hardware could eventually become much more than just an optional accessory – eventually, it could be one half of a Voltron-style combo that makes up the bulk of our computing life, relegating the tablet and smartphone model to the past,” Darrell Etherington writes for TechCrunch.

“Just like a tablet/smartphone combo was a common duo over the past few years, a smartwatch/phablet duo could be the optimal setup for working on-the-go in the future,” Etherington writes. “No computing paradigm is permanent. The iPhone was perhaps the first proof for many that a lot of general computing could be handled without having to seek further than your pocket.”

Etherington writes, “The Apple Watch will likely offer a similar realization, and the way it changes how we look at our devices could result in a flip of position and popularity between iPhone 6 and 6 Plus models… I’ve given up on fantasies of going back to a more unplugged world, but Apple Watch could at least avoid those smartphone attention holes when a notification pulls you into a lengthy, distracted aimless browsing session.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Big changes are coming again:

With iPhone, Apple changed the fabric of our everyday lives: All around the world today, you see people constantly pulling phones from pockets and staring at them. With Apple Watch, Apple will change behavior worldwide once again. A quick glance at your Watch and you’re off. No more smartphone zombies. Watch and see.MacDailyNews Take, January 30, 2015

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  1. I don’t think that the Apple Watch will change basic human nature. The people that were Blackberry zombies and became smartphone zombies will also tend to become smart watch zombies as the technology advances. Different distraction, same result.

  2. As you get older, you realize that there are other things in life besides smartphones, tablets and watches that matter. Getting tired of the endless zombification that these devices assault daily life with.

    1. Your comment (opinion) ignores the fact that some people use their iMac, iPad, iPhone, and soon apple watch to stay organized at work.
      I have an extensive list of to-do’s in Reminders
      I have appointments
      I have shopping lists
      I have financial and month end deadlines
      I have an assistants that are all on iMacs/iPhone 6
      I live and die by email/texts

      Any and all technology I can harness to make myself more efficient, coordinated, and productive – I want, need, and welcome.

      I embrace the Kaizen.

      Not everyone is a zombie.

        1. You hope I keep good backups.
          You must be new to technology – Apple technology.

          trondude, you are a slave to (insert modern day invention/convenience/tool here) and it would be hard for you not to have it…admit it.

          Yes. I admit that not having the tools that help me be more productive, effective, efficient, organized, etc., etc. WOULD BE HARD FOR ME NOT TO HAVE. Does that make someone a zombie?

          It’s like saying a barber is a slave to is clippers, that he’s a “clipper zombie”, that “clippers would be hard for him not to have”.

          Horse Hockey!

          I think your compression socks are a size too small.

  3. With an iPhone 6 Plus in my pocket, I’m ready for this paradigm shift. The 6 Plus has largely replaced my tablet, and it will be nice to have the phone securely stowed away with the watch acting as my notification center, but still being right there when I need it. I think this will be a natural evolution for a lot of people.

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