Order a fake Apple Watch from China and this is what you get

“China is a country where you can find almost anything,” Bob Woodruff reports for ABC News. “There’s a good chance that if you want it then it is being manufactured in some factory or put together by one of its 1.3 billion citizens. So when I was in Beijing last week I assumed that we could find Apple’s Watch well before it’s officially released.”

“With our research we found good news and bad news. The good news was that we did find a watch that looks like an official Apple Watch with the same color and shape,” Woodruff reports. “The bad news was it is a counterfeit. A knock-off. A fake.”

“What can I say? The differences between the real one and the fake one are huge,” Woodruff reports. “On the knock-off there is a screen, but not a touch screen. If you expect an iPhone on your wrist then please just give up.”

[protected-iframe id=”f7fa343cfa2d4945c01867ea3b1060d4-17146794-18685410″ info=”http://abcnews.go.com/video/embed?id=29775531″ width=”590″ height=”331″ style=”border:none;” scrolling=”no”]

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