Apple pulls misleading ‘anti-virus’ iOS apps from App Store

“Apple appears to be cracking down on ‘anti-virus’ apps in the iOS App Store, in an effort to prevent customers from believing iOS devices are capable of contracting viruses and malware,” Juli Clover reports for MacRumors.

“Intego, a company that produces anti-virus software for Mac and iOS, recently had its VirusBarrier iOS app pulled from the App Store,” Clover reports. “Intego CEO Jeff Erwin announced the removal of the app from the iOS App Store yesterday, and pointed towards a larger culling of all anti-virus apps available on Apple’s platform.”

Clover reports, “According to Erwin, when Apple notified Intego of VirusBarrier’s removal from the App Store, the company told him the app’s App Store description was ‘misleading’ and could potentially cause customers to believe that there are viruses on iOS.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Good, but why did theses misleading apps ever get approved in the first place?


  1. Just like the apps that claimed to modify the lockscreen to unlock like Android swipes, or facial recognition unlock. Can’t believe Apple let them in, thankfully they seem to be all be removed now (couldn’t find any after a quick search).

  2. I wish Apple allowed for significantly smarter searching in iTunes and the App store.

    First of all, when i go to the “search” tab on the iOS app store, i DO NOT want to see a list of “trending searches” That’s what the the “Featured” and “Top Charts” tabs are for. I DO want to see a search page that allows me to specify multiple criteria.

    It would also be very nice for the user to permanently filter out rubbish that I never want to see (like many of the games and “Social Networking” trash).

    What’s taking so long to figure this out, Apple?

    1. It’s not like Apple does a good job telling them otherwise. For a first-time iOS user, it’s absolutely not intuitive and there’s no manual in the box. Apple apparently assumes everyone knows how to use all the hidden features of their OS or that they’ll just absorb it by trolling the interwebs when stuff doesn’t work. And when the interwebs are full of hucksters telling people bad information and selling them antivirus protection, then people fall for it. It is pathetic, if you think about it, that Apple even let these apps in their store in the first place. What the hell was Apple thinking?

      1. iOS 1 – 6 is a good example for first timer intuitiveness.

        I switched from Android to iOS when iOS 6, and I have to say I really like how the interface taught me how to use it.

        Up until iOS 7 that is, they just assumed users know everything.

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