To sell luxury Android Wear watches, Google must make them iPhone-compatible

“Google, Intel, and Tag Heuer are uniting in a mighty alliance to push Android Wear dramatically upmarket with a new smart timepiece from the Swiss watchmaker,” Vlad Savov reports for The Verge. “Its price hasn’t yet been announced, but it’s safe to assume it will be the most expensive Android Wear watch to date, going beyond the merely fashionable and entering the luxury stratosphere.”

“To find any success as a connected smartwatch in that price range — as opposed to just another complication-rich Tag Heuer — this Android Wear device will have to learn a new trick: iPhone compatibility,” Savov reports. “iPhone owners are richer and spend more than their Android counterparts. It’s an uncomfortable truth, backed up by the two companies’ own numbers and serially reiterated by market research data.”

“iPhone owners have more disposable income and are more willing to spend it,” Savov reports. “As the number of luxury Android Wear watch brands expands, the issue of locking out the well-off iPhone audience is only going to grow in importance. That’s why industry analysts are already predicting that Google won’t keep that artificial barrier up for much longer. There are suggestions that iPhone compatibility will be announced at Google I/O this summer.”

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MacDailyNews Take: That iPhone users have to be included due to the poor demographics presented by the fragmandroid settler is obvious, but the device excreted by this unholy trinity will never be as seamlessly compatible as an Apple Watch. The panicked joining of Google, Intel, and TAG Heuer simply won’t be able to compete on iPhone’s turf with Apple. Ain’t gonna happen.

Why is TAG Heuer using Android Wear? Because they can’t use Apple’s Watch OS, that’s why. So they’re settling for Google’s Android thing and, in the process, tarnishing their brand, perhaps irrevocably.

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