What happens if Apple Watch ‘fails?’

“Apple’s Apple Watch is everywhere,” Andrew Tonner writes for The Motley Fool. “Unfortunately, the company’s underwhelming Spring Forward event last week suggests Apple’s next great product is more more sizzle than steak.”

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“I think it’s worth addressing a significant question that has been largely absent from the discussion. What happens if Apple Watch fails?” Tonner writes. “Let’s start with the worst-case scenario — assessing how a complete flop on the Apple Watch’s part could impact the company’s sales and stock price… Apple Watch’s absolute failure could theoretically shave a mere 4.5% off Apple’s top-line fiscal 2015 growth rate, and that’s assuming the revenue growth figure I’m using here is updated to reflect analysts’ current estimates coming out of this week’s event. Given the impressive MacBook and Apple TV news, these estimates might lowball Apple’s estimated revenue. Again, this assumes zero Apple Watch sales, which we can probably all agree is far from likely.”

More “failure” scenarios in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Dude doesn’t get it and that’s why his quote above will be featured in our recaps of Apple Watch naysayers as each sales milestone is achieved.


  1. A better question to ask is, what happens if it doesn’t fail? These analysts will be so pissed off that they don’t have an Apple failure to harp about for weeks and months. A lot of them got burned by their predictions about the iPhone failing, burned again by their iPad doom and gloom predictions, and then there were the predictions about the Apple stores failing too. They need a win.

  2. Pundits Throughout The Ages:

    “The hourglass will never replace the sundial.”

    “The mechanical clock will never replace the hourglass.”

    “Only a few people will ever buy/use a pocketwatch.”

    “The wristwatch is unnecessary, we already have the pocketwatch.”

    “The digitalwatch will never catch on.”
    “The Apple watch will fail.”

  3. I read a Feb. 2015 article saying Apple confident on success of Apple Watch and ordered 5 to 6 million watches. However, the question raised was “What happens if Apple Watch “fails”?” Only one answer to that…

  4. It’s battery life will have to improve, and if it was only a watch and an autonomous phone and cost $200 it would stand a better chance. I can’t see people liking that tiny little screen, unless the only thing it shows is video of the person you are talking to, like in “Dick Tracy”. The whole health aspect seems a bit too close to snake oil salesmanship, symptoms attributable to certain named conditions can also be symptoms of other conditions. Your tripsy gait and croupy voice does not automatically usher you into the Parkinson’s ward. It seemed an odd omission to not stipulate something along these lines during the keynote.

  5. If Apple Watch fails, Apple’s stock will explode higher because many fools would believe TC will be out the door. MSFT ships failed products year after year and a few months back hit new highs. AMZN ships failed phones and tablets and hits new highs. So why should it be different for Apple.

  6. If Apple watch fails, Cook will have no choice but to fix the email IMAP fail. Broken for two OS releases, hosing sys admins and enterprise customers, despite public promises of a fix.

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