Bill and Melinda Gates won’t be wearing Apple Watch Edition – or any Apple Watch

“Count Melinda and Bill Gates out of the Apple Watch craze,” David Goldman reports for CNN Money.

“Asked by a TMZ reporter this week if she has ‘any interest in the Apple iWatch’ (his words, not ours), Melinda Gates smiled on camera, laughed and said, ‘No, I’m not going to own one,'” Goldman reports.

“Undeterred, the reporter asked about whether her Microsoft-founder husband would be hitting an Apple Store any time soon,” Goldman reports. “‘Does Bill? I mean, you guys have got to check out the competition, right?’ he asked. ‘No, we use Microsoft products,’ Gates answered, still smiling… mostly. ‘Exclusively?’ ‘Exclusively,’ she said.”

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MacDailyNews Take: So, one can have all of the ill-gotten gains in the world, give away lots of it in a vain attempt to build a stairway to heaven (even be praised for it by some), and still be a vindictive, pig-headed sore loser.

Bill Gates
Bill Gates
So, the man on the street has an iPhone, an iPad, and a MacBook, his wife has the same, his kid has an iPad mini and an iPod touch, and this past Christmas he bought a 27-inch iMac for the family. But, Bill Gates, the world’s richest person, is not only forced by his own ego to use some piece of crap Windows Phone phone (Microsoft never was any good with names), a discontinued Zune, third-rate music services, and an OS that’s an upside-down, backwards Apple Mac knockoff, but his ego also forces him to doom his wife and children to the same frustrating fate. Clearly Melinda envies her friends who allow themselves to use superior iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, and soon, Apple Watches.

Gates can afford to have the finest homes and the best cars, but in his very own field, technology, he must settle for second and third-rate hardware and software.

Karma is one sweet bitch!

Bill Gates is stuck using a fake Mac, a Windows Phone phone, and an ill-conceived iPad also-ran, and attempting to squirt his wife and kids with his defunct Zune. There is a God.

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  1. I sure like the response by Mrs. Gates: “”No, we use Microsoft products,” Gates answered, still smiling … mostly.”

    I can just imagine Mrs. Gates asking Cortana…”Is it in yet?”

    It’s so Micro….and soft.

    1. ottawa, you are kinda right but I will never forget how MS hordes
      used to NEVER give us Macsters an even break, ever.
      so. just sayin’.
      yeah childish, ok then. big deal. good day.

  2. Awwwww c’mon. It’s like asking to choose between the Beatles and the Stones. Both had pretty good music but I like Apple much better. Microsoft used to have some good things, and completely lost their way.

    Apple on the other hand had to work that much harder while in an underdog position and has come up with some of the most beautiful and innovative technology known to man.

    Time will tell whether Apple will continue to innovate after they suffocate their competitors or will they fade off into oblivion like the fat and lazy romans centuries before us. It’s MUCH more difficult to hold the lead than to come from behind. History has proven it time and time again.

    PS, speaking of Microsoft, right click in OS X and press and hold in iOS as good as they do it please, lol.

  3. The Bill and Melinda Fondation should really takle care of this type of suffering among humankind… Even though their particular state of absolutely pityful tech pleasure deprivation be selfimposed …

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