Bill and Melinda Gates won’t be wearing Apple Watch Edition – or any Apple Watch

“Count Melinda and Bill Gates out of the Apple Watch craze,” David Goldman reports for CNN Money.

“Asked by a TMZ reporter this week if she has ‘any interest in the Apple iWatch’ (his words, not ours), Melinda Gates smiled on camera, laughed and said, ‘No, I’m not going to own one,'” Goldman reports.

“Undeterred, the reporter asked about whether her Microsoft-founder husband would be hitting an Apple Store any time soon,” Goldman reports. “‘Does Bill? I mean, you guys have got to check out the competition, right?’ he asked. ‘No, we use Microsoft products,’ Gates answered, still smiling… mostly. ‘Exclusively?’ ‘Exclusively,’ she said.”

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MacDailyNews Take: So, one can have all of the ill-gotten gains in the world, give away lots of it in a vain attempt to build a stairway to heaven (even be praised for it by some), and still be a vindictive, pig-headed sore loser.

Bill Gates
Bill Gates
So, the man on the street has an iPhone, an iPad, and a MacBook, his wife has the same, his kid has an iPad mini and an iPod touch, and this past Christmas he bought a 27-inch iMac for the family. But, Bill Gates, the world’s richest person, is not only forced by his own ego to use some piece of crap Windows Phone phone (Microsoft never was any good with names), a discontinued Zune, third-rate music services, and an OS that’s an upside-down, backwards Apple Mac knockoff, but his ego also forces him to doom his wife and children to the same frustrating fate. Clearly Melinda envies her friends who allow themselves to use superior iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, and soon, Apple Watches.

Gates can afford to have the finest homes and the best cars, but in his very own field, technology, he must settle for second and third-rate hardware and software.

Karma is one sweet bitch!

Bill Gates is stuck using a fake Mac, a Windows Phone phone, and an ill-conceived iPad also-ran, and attempting to squirt his wife and kids with his defunct Zune. There is a God.

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    1. The upside is, kids of repressive parents often rebel when they leave the nest and dive head first into everything their parents told them they couldn’t do or have.

      Their eldest turns 19 this year, it’ll be interesting to see how well the ingrained conditioning holds.

      1. It’s just crazy-making to think of adolescent rebellion taking the form of owning an Apple Watch or iPhone. How could Bill have gone so wrong? Didn’t he teach them anything?

    2. That is why Gates & Co are always behind the curve.

      They aren’t first or early on new products & can’t learn early when they don’t even try out the competitor’s products.

      Some MS developers are into the Apple Watch early, though, as they are releasing apps for the Apple Watch.

      It is this “Only look at Microsoft” mindset that has hobbled Microsoft.

    3. BRANDING. While I see Bill Gates (he has to support windows, he created it LOL) and MS. Gates (she supports her husband) and the kids (do you want that inheritance or NOT) supporting Windows for now.

      Once the kids have any trust money locked in, I can see them rebelling and sporting the latest Apple gear. Especially if Microsoft keeps backing loosing horses in the big races.

      Just a thought.

    4. Bill, if you are so close-minded that you refuse to admit that any other computing solution might be better than the Microsoft solution in any area of consumer electronics, then you are a sad, sad, little man. If you are handling your philanthropic activities like you are your computing and consumer electronics decisions, then you could do better…a lot better. The new Apple ResearchKit and HealthKit, for instance, will revolutionize medicine worldwide. Rather than waiting for a half-assed, crappy copy from Microsoft, why not use the best tools that are currently available. If Microsoft ever catches up, then you can switch if you like.

      Microsoft’s stranglehold on consumers is rapidly losing its grip and the enterprise is next. Two of your last three releases of the Windows OS are universally reviled (Vista and 8), and even W7 is just adequate.

      Corporations are tired of paying the Microsoft tax – OS, Office, Exchange, SharePoint, etc. – and many workers would prefer different tools and solutions. A lot of us prefer Apple-based products and services.

    1. He sees no point in supporting his greatest enemy. What would Microsoft investors think if they saw him sporting some AppleWatch Edition or anything from Apple with Apple’s market cap being twice Microsoft’s market cap. Everything Bill Gates has would have to be a Windows product. I can’t say I’d feel sorry for his wife or children for being forced to use Microsoft products because they’re rich beyond most mortal’s comprehension.

      1. Maybe, just maybe, Bill sporting an Apple Watch and an iPhone would serve as a kick in the butt to Microsoft to start producing some quality products. But I really don’t care. I would not want to be Bill G. even with all of his money and stuff. Not being Bill Gates? Priceless.

  1. And there’s the attack of Captain Obvious again!!

    Of course ol’ Bill won’t buy it. He uses all Microsoft. And while I agree with the fact that Karma is a bitch, well, ask Coca-Cola’s CEO to show himself using a Pepsi t-shirt….

    Don’t go that far. Ask a rock band or sports figure sponsoring a determined car brand to be caught driving another car.

    It’s all branding. The days of the PC being the king are over. The days of Microsoft supremacy are over. And the days of Bill Gates backing an Apple product is also over.

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