Apple CEO Tim Cook calls Jim Cramer on the air: Happy 10th anniversary!

This evening, CNBC’s “Mad Money” host Jim Cramer received a surprise phone call from Apple CEO Tim Cook, who talks about innovation, Bar San Miguel, the company’s paranoia, and what it’s like to follow Steve Jobs as CEO in a nearly 8-minute live conversation.

Cramer: “Let’s take a call, go to Tim in California. Tim.”
Cook: “Hey Jim, I’m calling from Cupertino, California to be exact. This is Tim Cook at Apple and I want to congratulate you on ten great years of “Mad Money.”

Cramer: “Wow! (surprised, laughs) (audience applauds) That’s a great call! I want to congratulate you for running the greatest company on earth and for creating such amazing wealth and the best products on earth for everybody. You’ve done a remarkable job, Tim. I’m honored that you’re calling in.
Cook: “It’s a great team here that does it.”

Cramer: “You know my mantra: ‘People should own AAPL, not trade it.’ Do you think, eventually, people will understand what I’m talking about?”
Cook: “I think eventually they will. Yes, I mean, for people that have owned the stock for ten years or so, our stock price ten years ago when you started ‘Mad Money’ was less than $6 on a split-adjusted basis. And so you can bet those people are extremely happy right now.”

Cramer: “I know everyday when you come in to work I feel that you must have a stewardship that you’ve got to fulfill because of Steve Jobs. I want you to know that you have far exceeded what… anyone, I think, could have done, but you still walk in his footsteps. how do you feel about the legacy?”
Cook: “You know, there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think about Steve and he is still the core part of Apple, his DNA is deep in the company, and his office is still next to mine with his name on the door. And the values that he paced in here and the spirit that ‘we are here to make the very best products in the world that enrich people’s lives,’ that is still the centerpiece of this company.”

Cramer: “Tim, I gotta tell ya, I am deeply honored that you called in. I think you’re the best we have, maybe the best that’s ever been. Thank you so much, Tim Cook.”
Cook: “I really appreciate that. You know, Jim, you say that ‘Some people want to make friends, I just want to make money,’ but let me tell you, you’ve made at least one friend in me and I wish you all the best. Happy anniversary!”
Cramer: “That you so much, Tim Cook, CEO of the biggest company in the world, Apple. Great to talk to you, sir… Wow! What can I say? You know, there are people you revere… I revere Tim Cook and I revere Apple. I am so proud that they are an American company. I’m proud to be an American.”

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Direct link to video here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews readers too numerous to mention individually for the heads up.]


  1. Tim provided a nugget of insight on the iResearch program. Very telling along with the other talking points of the Watch…..

    Gonnnnnnna sellll Millions of these Watches!!

  2. I can believe Cramer didn’t know, but how fast was it they had a graphic up of Tim Cook. Anyone notice that? Someone behind the scene knew well beforehand.

    I liked the interview. Didn’t seem all that candid but it was delightful.

    1. It wouldn’t surprise me if Tim arranged this ahead of time with Cramer’s producer who kept it a secret from Cramer. I doubt that Tim Cook tried and tried and then just happened to get through on the same phone line that everyone was calling.
      I do believe that Cramer was surprised.

  3. Jay, have you got anything cogent to say about Tim Cook and how he’s not the right guy for Apple after he makes this call? I’m not a fan of Jim Cramer, it’s entertainment masquerading as financial advice, but that Tim Cook. What a class act. Kudos Steve, kudos Tim.

    1. I agree completely. Tim Cook continues to impress more and more. Especially so now that he seems fully comfortable in his position. And he’s so health conscious that he’ll likely be in that position for many many years to come.

  4. yesterday I was moaning and complaining to my wife about T.C not knowing how to do P.R…

    I stand corrected with a dunce cap on my head.

    That was great PR! whether you like Cramer or not, Cook was good, calm , collected with just enough enthusiasm, dropping hints about Apple’s future etc. One phone call worth millions in Advertising money…

    1. Would Steve Jobs have made that call to Jim Cramer on the air? I wonder.. I suspect that no, he’d have expected such a gesture to be interpreted by observers as a crass publicity stunt. Yet Tim Cook pulled it off. Sweet. Detractors are fully occupied with the trumped-up Apple Watch pricing scandal and so Tim Cook can slip this under their radar, making quality points with investors.

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