iOS 8.2 delivers unremovable Apple Watch app, hysteria ensues

“iOS 8.2 is here! Hurray!” Greg Kumparak reports for TechCrunch. “It’s got bug fixes! It’s got stability enhancements! It’s got… an app that you can’t delete that currently does nothing but play promotional Apple Watch videos!”

“Joining the dozen or so perma-apps that Apple includes on the iPhone is ‘Apple Watch,’ an app that doesn’t actually do anything yet,” Kumparak reports. “Have you already seen plenty of stuff about the Apple Watch? Don’t intend to buy one? Too bad! You can’t delete it.”

“At this point, the list of undeletable apps is getting a bit silly,” Kumparak reports. “Weather! Clock! Maps! Notes! Reminders! Stocks! Passbook! Newsstand! iBooks!”

Apple Watch app
Apple Watch app

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: It’s going to be okay. With any luck*, we’ll all survive this. No, seriously, we will. Really. Deep breaths.

*Or even with no luck at all.


    1. Then it’s not a Home page…

      Put all the unremovable Apps that you don’t use in a separate (how about last) page that you never have to get tonor look at…?

      Anyone going hysterical abot this has way too much time on their hands and should get a life.

      Of course if you know idle lawyers who have too much time on their
      incompetent hands too, SUE and waste eveyone’s time amd money too. There should be a law that losers of frivolous lawsuits pay all legal costs…

      1. Surely some of those apps are pretty integral to the workings of the phone and it’s services and could cause issues if they were deleted and couldn’t be called upon when wanted. Maps in particular but also weather, notes and others.

        1. But… quoting you:

          “apps that I never use.”

          So now you want them somewhere that they are easier to use and manipulate? Doctors can help with that, and the drugs are fairly inexpensive.

    2. “Solved”, except for the inconvenient truth that they’re still eating up **my** device’s storage space, which is quite finite.

      But I’ll be more than happy to let you swap your 64GB devices for my 16GB ones…just to convince me that it really is no big deal.


      1. I have a 16 GB iPad Mini. I knew the limitations when I bought it. I got the 64 GB iPhone 6. I knew 16 GB wasn’t enough coming from a 32 GB iPhone 5. Just go to your carrier and upgrade your phone. No big deal. You can fix poor planning!

        1. You might have a valid point regarding “poor planning” if Apple had a prior history of forcing their customers to make room on their devices for Apple’s marketing material..but since that isn’t the case, this isn’t a case of poor planning.

          And while one can upgrade phones at pretty much the cost of an additional 2 year contract, this “no big deal” attitude does not apply to replacing iPads…please send me a check for $1121.36

          1. Why do you think I should pay for your poor planning?

            Apple has a history of using up more space for OS updates. I have a number of Apple devices stuck on lower versions of operating systems because they don’t support newer versions. They become music players or WiFi phones.

            Open your wallet and upgrade or wait until your contract is over and upgrade. By then, the minimum flash should be 32 GB.

            1. “Why do you think I should pay for your poor planning?”

              First, because it wasn’t “poor planning” on my part that Apple has chosen to blindside their customers with a self-serving “Marketing TAX” built on my property.

              Second, since you’ve been on insisting that this isn’t a big deal, then you should be more than willing to back up your mouth with your wallet.

              “Open your wallet and upgrade or wait until your contract is over and upgrade” …

              Except that iPads aren’t eligible…and this isn’t only about just iPhones.

              Now this is the second time I’ve pointed out this fact to you…how many more times does it need to be repeated before you finally “get it”?

              FYI, if you don’t have the cash to pony up the $1121.36 upgrade cost, I’m also open to receiving your payment in alternative forms. For example, if you have a good set of high performance summer tires for a Porsche 911, I’ll take a set of four.

            2. Yes, it does suck sometimes to be a discerning customer.

              But what’s far worse is to be a drank-the-koolaid fanboy where you believe that your company can do utterly no wrong.

            3. I may very well walk, but the fallacy with your suggestion to just quietly sulk away is that doing so means that I’m not providing customer feedback for *why* I’m walking. Keep in mind that regardless of the company or product, without customer feedback, the product development process becomes random instead of focused on actually adding value to the product.

              BTW, go check Apple’s website: you’ll find that they’re still selling iPhones with as little as 8GB…and specifically the business case reason why is so that Apple has a product to be the ‘Free Phone’ on a 2 year service contract. This also means that Apple is effectively responsible to make sure that said 8GB iOS device be fully supportable over all of the OS upgrades that they elect to roll out over — at least — the next two years.

              These 8GB devices does not bode well at all in the context of how there’s existing customers today with 16GB devices who are already unhappy with its “obsolete” storage limitations.

  1. I have a folder on the last page called ‘Never’. Into it goes whatever I, yup, never use, but are ineradicable. It ain’t full, and those apps that are there ain’t that big, so, no big deal.

    1. Since you can include emoji icons in IOS folder names, you may want to include the scull face in your “Never” folder name.

      Never 💀
      Weather ☀️☔️
      Writing ✏️
      Surfing 🌊
      Banking 💰
      Business 📌
      Utilities 📐
      Family 😱

  2. I bet that every single one of these Android switchers had nothing to say about the multiple screens of unremovable apps from Google, the device maker AND the carrier on their Samsung flavor-of-the-month stylus having idiotphone.

      1. I believe that his comment was a satirical one, which he made by pointing out how Apple is now copying how Android foists crap on its customers.

        And in that regards, I agree with him 100%.

        –> This is the “Free U2 Album” all over again <–

        And as such, whover it was at Apple who quite obviously did not learn their lesson the first should be publically named … and then fired. And then fed to the wolves.

        What's Tim Cook's email address again?

          1. On the contrary:

            If as customers, if we DON’T provide Apple with negative feedback for when they ‘fail to delight’ (or more importantly, when they downright piss us off), they’ll think that their actions were okay and feel free to do it again.

            The U2 Album stuff prompted Apple to admit that they made an anti-consmer mistake in its implimentation and promised to not forcefully shove stuff down customers’ throats again.

            But Apple has now pulled the same “shoving” stunt a second time. Quite obviously, they did not learn from their U2 mistake … and that’s why some customers have finally spoken up (what you tried to trivialize with ‘flip out”).

            But this incident has revealed that Apple did not indeed learn from their mistake, despite the fact that they did acknowledge that mistake and promised to learn from it.

            Since you’re choosing to complacient, it begs the queastion of just how many more times does Apple have to screw up before you will finally be willing to complain about their anti-consumer activities?

            Specifcally, will you not speak up until it has happened Three times?

            Or will you be silent until the pattern has happened Five times?

            Please be specific and pick a number to quantify how much latitude you’re willing to give them, because otherwise, the ramifications are that you’re in the “Apple is Infallible and Can Never Do Wrong” fanboy camp.


  3. I never use accessibility features either, but I don’t moan about not being able to remove them from the settings menus. I did find it odd that rather than being placed on the last available slot like any other new app would be, it was placed in the middle of other apps on the front screen – that is a little presumptuous.

  4. Good God: make a folder, stick all the unwanted apps in that folder, put it at the very end of all the stuff you have so you don’t have to go there. Done and DONE.

    Takes 5 minutes, at the most, to set it up, and 30 seconds to add a new app there. Really it’s silly you can’t remove some apps, but the watch one is important: if you don’t have it and buy a watch eventually, you’ll blame Apple for not being able to use it right away. This one makes sense, and is SO easy to hide for now. Wow people….

  5. So it is hysterical or somehow unreasonable to want to decide for yourself what apps you want, how much storage gets used on a device that is price tiered by storage volume?

    Once again MDN being the apologist for heavy handed corporate policies….

    1. Truth or Troll, you want the older Samsung plastic pop open back phone with the removeable battery, sd card, and fully customizable software.

      you know, the one with all the back doors left wide open for virus attacks cause you guys like to play with stuff so much. 🙂

      1. No dipshit, I do not want Samsung anything. I want the ability to remove unwanted APPS from my device, so I can use the storage space they are taking up as I see fit.

        Apple phones differ by 1. Model & 2. Storage capacity. I buy the the top tier phone, with the maximum capacity, when Apple decides to load it up with apps, I would prefer they give me the option to remove them. Like for example Newstand, never used it, not ever going to, yet I have to let it sit there because …why?

        Why are some apps (Find my friends, Remote, etc) downloaded only by user request, and others pre-lowed with no option given to me to remove them and reclaim the storage space?

        Nothing hysterical about my stance, in fact it is quite reasonable seeing as I seem to be paying per gig. Seems heavy headed, and stupid to force crap on users. I can sure recall “Takes” on this site about windows machines being pre-loaded with carper. This is marginally better than that at best.

        No it isn’t life or death, just like a few silly tweets doesn’t mean there is or isn’t an issue. Painting anyone who isn’t thrilled that Apple decided to foist an app they do not want on them as hysterical or silly isn’t an accurate, nor reasonable assessment of the practice. It is bullshit to force a watch app on every iPhone users, it reeks of smarmy corporate policy and a general disregard for your users. It is arrogant to assume everyone will be buying a damn watch. If you can’t see that, just being willfully ignorant.

        1. 1. “Nothing hysterical about my stance…”
          2. “No dipshit, I do not want Samsung anything.”
          3. “It is arrogant to assume everyone will be buying a damn watch.”

          Is it just me or are more and more people become mentally unhinged?
          No freaking wonder there are so many murders and general world instability if people can get THIS wound up about an icon on their phone’s screen.

    2. It is reasonable to want to decide for yourself. The “hysterical” part is a description of the reactions that some people have over a free U2 album (that they can remove) or an app and associated icon that they cannot remove from a mobile device.

      Apple may have a valid reason for locking these apps and icons into iOS. i doubt that Apple is doing it on a whim, or just to inconvenience people.

  6. I just have a folder called Apple Junk that I throw everything into I don’t use. Sucks you can’t remove it and install it later if needed, but would rather have that than Verizon junk and other third party crap on my phone!

  7. Two opinions:

    1) Apple should let everyone delete ANY app they don’t want and have it available on the App Store should they change their mind in the future (except, of course, the App Store app :-).

    2) Is it really such a big deal to stick the unwanted/unused apps in a folder hidden away somewhere?

    Personally, I would prefer option 1, but option 2 works as well. The issue isn’t so much about getting it out of the way as it is the Fandroids who use this to demonstrate Apple’s totalitarian ways (“Apple knows [or thinks they know] what’s good for you much more than you do.”). Control Freaks (aka Fandroid users) hate this “condescending and paternalistic” attitude that doesn’t let you do whatever you want with your phone. I can’t say that I blame them (at least on this one issue), but it really doesn’t bother me. I plan to get the 42 mm Watch Sport as soon as possible (although I loathe 1.0 versions of anything, this one is just too hard to pass up because they got so much of it right [the only thing really missing is waterproof to 3 meters]).

    1. Or they provide a functional, logical option for the app under the Settings to turn it on or off. Really, it should be completely optional to download from the App Store, not forcibly installed wasting precious space for anyone who has a 16 GB iPhone.

  8. I will assume that the list of undeletable apps, as mentioned in the article, is complete.

    Apple Watch

    Out of ten, I use eight, some of them daily (the two I never use are Stocks and Apple Watch). Some of them are on my home screen (Maps, Weather, Clock, Newsstand).

    If I am your average user, then more than likely, vast majority uses most of these apps.

    But as with the U2 free album, there will be annoyance and complaining, as there always is. And eventually, it will blow over, as it always does.

    1. Hmmm, See I use daily

      So I guess we are all different. PS, I have put the weather on my last page and use the weather channel as my mail weather, which I use every other day.


      1. For a while, I used the Weather Channel one, but eventually, I abandoned it for the built-in one. The information I need from it is all available on the Apple’s Weather (current, hourly, daily forecasts), so the Weather Channel app, as pretty as it is, just takes up unnecessary space. With 16GB device, I could use the extra space for a few more music tracks (of a few more photos).

        1. Here in the Northeast, it was helpful to get snow estimates going out a week so that we could decide on whether or not to clear the snow off our roof. So is my go to for weather.

    2. I use
      (Kept your list order to make reading easier)
      I will be getting a Watch so have not put it in my list of used apps yet.

      macman1984 i agree with item 2)
      its not a big deal to just put the items people don’t want to use in a folder #FirstWorldProblems

    3. Don’t forget Podcast, Music, Messages, Photos, Camera, Calculator, Safari, Settings, Mail, and of course . . . Phone!

      I use the Apple essentials everyday to make a living. No complaints here.

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