Federal appeals court scoffs at U.S. DOJ, Federal Puppet Denise Cote, and Apple’s ‘antitrust monitor’ Bromwich

“It’s not the new watch, but this week’s other big Apple news is that the Justice Department’s antitrust campaign is going about as well as the Russian winter did for Napoleon,” The Wall Street Journal editorializes. “On Tuesday the Second Circuit Court of Appeals heard oral arguments about the roving prosecutor embedded inside Apple, and the three judges seemed skeptical.”

“Apple is working to evict Michael Bromwich from its Cupertino offices, where the lawyer has camped since federal district Judge Denise Cote ruled that Apple conspired with publishers to fix digital book prices,” WSJ writes. “Mr. Bromwich was installed over Apple’s opposition, and he took the appointment as an invitation to all but bug the Apple boardroom. Mr. Bromwich’s investigation with an unlimited mandate and budget has drifted well afield of antitrust into Apple’s business and corporate culture.”

“Mr. Bromwich’s quasi-prosecutorial operation exceeds the judicial power and has included abuses such as collaborating ex parte with Justice to serve a witness against Apple in an adversarial hearing. Judge Jesse Furman pressed DOJ’s lawyer Finnuala Tessier three times to concede that it would be ‘improper’ if a judge had behaved like Mr. Bromwich. She ducked the questions,” WSJ writes. “Ms. Tessier argued that the court lacks jurisdiction and should remand Apple’s protests about Mr. Bromwich back to Judge Cote. But in a vicious and biased cycle, every time Apple objects in Judge Cote’s court, she takes it as evidence of why the monitor is necessary. The Second Circuit can end this farce—and restore the proper limits of the judiciary—by instructing Mr. Bromwich and his team to pack up their Scooby Doo van.”

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MacDailyNews Take:

Lady Elaine Fairchilde (left), Judge Denise Cote (right),or vice versa
Lady Elaine Fairchilde (left), Judge Denise Cote (right), or vice versa
The U.S DOJ is clueless, laughably manipulated by Amazon’s tiny little man with a Napoleon Complex, Denise Cote is a woodenheaded puppet, and Browich is a greedy, over-billing, overstepping, pompous little asshole.

The whole thing is a bad joke that just gets worse the longer it goes on.

Put an end to this debacle, Second Circuit!

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Hiram” and “Rainy Day” for the heads up.]

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