Apple Watch houses mysterious six-contact data connection port

“A report on Thursday claims the upcoming Apple Watch boasts a mysterious data connection port, previously undisclosed by Apple, that is currently being used for diagnostics and testing,” AppleInsider reports.

“According to TechCrunch, the port features six brass contact dots and is positioned inside the bottom groove designed to accept Apple’s aftermarket straps,” AppleInsider reports. “Technically, a six-contact connector is similar to Apple’s Lightning protocol, which currently uses six of its eight leads for charging and data transfer.”

“A source said the port currently plays a role in diagnostics, but points out that it could be used as a connection point for accessories in the future,” AppleInsider reports. “TechCrunch speculates that such a data port could be used as a means to facilitate feature expansion, perhaps ‘smart bands’ that extend battery life or tack on GPS and other sensing capabilities.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Oh yes, let there be add-on GPS, battery extenders, and more! The thought of wearing our Apple Watch Sports but also having to lug around our iPhones on runs just for the GPS is unpalatable.


  1. Nope. This is most likely for the future armband that has battery cells built into it, in order to boost the watch’s built-in capacity. There was a patent that Apple filed on it a while ago.

    1. this port won’t be included on shipping units.

      it’s part of a testing distribution used for diagnostics, FSH, PLUM, BUN, and other evaluation services.

  2. VERY forward-thinking bit of detail. Part of the iPhone “ecosystem” (and for iPod previously) is the abundance of third-party accessories. This “port” allows functional accessories for Apple Watch, not just “static” ones like third-party bands. The possibilities are endless… Wow 🙂

  3. MDN .. A Note about your take on lack of GPS.

    I don’t think gps is a critical “make it or break it” feature thats missing from the Apples watch… Unless one needs very precise distance measurements or a way to track their path on a map realtime and does not want to carry a phone!

    I believe algorithms and inertia measurements through the accelerometer, and personal calibration can provide satisfactory information regarding distances and more just through the watch .

    As far as tacking ones path in the woods.. Well if i were to go off the beaten path.. I would prefer to have my communication device with me anyways!

    Thoughs welcome…..

    1. MDN doesn’t think it’s “make or break” either, just unpalatable. I concur. I don’t want to have to draw a map of every run I take, and I’d prefer not to have to take my phone.

      1. “I don’t want to have to draw a map of every run I take”
        Did you ever try the Footpath app for iPhone and iPad. It has functions like snap-to-road, gives accurate distance and elevation data, and a contour profile that’s awesome for planning runs and hikes. I hope this developer is planning an Apple Watch app because they seem to get things right.

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