The 10 best weather apps for your iPhone

“Opening this story with a weather-related adage or aphorism would have been great, if Mother Nature’s approval ratings weren’t currently quite so low,” John Patrick Pullen writes for TIME Magazine. “Things have gotten so bad for the topic of weather in general that Game of Thrones has even stopped warning its fans that ‘winter is coming.'”

“But guess what — it’s here, and we’re all white walkers. So don’t bother making chit-chat by talking about the weather, tap about it instead,” Pullen writes. “No matter the conditions, these ten apps will keep you covered, because believe it or not, it can actually get worse than this.”

Dark Sky
• Hurricane Tracker
• NOAA Radar Pro
• NOAA Snow Forecast
• Quakefeed
Storm Shield
• Tornado by American Red Cross
• Weather Underground
• Weathertron

Read abut each of the ten apps in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: If you don’t have it yet, you’ll also want the free Yahoo Weather.


  1. I’m still using weather underground classic website and their Who is Hot App. I like the radar so much better in those versions. The underlying map is done in nice variations of black and gray. Then the actual storm overlays are very easy to see.
    Not sure what they were thinking with using color maps and then color radar. Really tough to see.

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