Carl Icahn can’t wait to wear an Apple Watch, drive an Apple car

“Billionaire Carl Icahn likes to do more than just fire off angry letters to corporate directors,” Matt Egan reports for CNNMoney. “The legendary investor is also excited about Apple products that may or may not be in the works.”

“‘I look forward to wearing the watch in the very near future and possibly driving the car in the more distant future,’ Icahn, one of Apple’s largest and most vocal investors, told shareholders on Friday,” Egan reports. “The comments suggest the billionaire is comfortable with the idea of Apple spending enormous amounts of money on a rumored car venture.”

“Icahn is also very, very bullish about the Apple Watch, which the company is expected to reveal new details on at a ‘special’ event on March 9,” Egan reports. “The investor recently predicted the watch and accessories would generate an eye-popping $75 billion in annual sales by the fiscal year ending in September 2017. That’s pretty ambitious considering Apple’s iPad sales totaled $30 billion last year.”

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  1. Oh Matt Egan you are such in the know about Carl Icahn. How insightful of you to point out that he does more than just fire off angry letters to corporate directors. I never would have guessed.

    And he’s looking forward to wearing the watch and possibly driving the car. Now that’s investigative journanalism, you might be up for a putz prize as a result of that article.

    Tell me how does he like his ass wiped? Do you use your left hand or your right, or do you do what the other jouranalist do and crawl on all fours with your tongue hanging out?

      1. I’ll let you in on a little secret. I rarely run java or javascript (it’s a totally different experience) cause there is so much junk. You should try it out for fun breeze.

        I don’t sweat the ratings unless I write something serious.

        greggthurman: I’m not surprised, disappointed that reporting real news for intelligent readers is a nearly lost art, but the silver lining is that you can do a lot of “The Empire has no clothes” jokes.

    1. Why are you surprised by this article, it is very representative of 98% of the “journalism” printed/posted these days. Its all about eyeballs and clicks.

      Journalism used to be about reporting real news for intelligent readers. Today it more resembles reality T and the National Inquirer.

  2. Why is there so much press about this guy? What has he made (besides buckets of money)? He just pumps money into things and bitches if it isn’t making enough back to his liking. I don’t think he’s any type of visionary…or am i wrong?

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