Apple Car: Forget ‘electric,’ think hydrogen fuel cells

“Chatter continues about a possible Apple auto, maybe as soon as 2020,” Yahoo Finance reports.

“For Yahoo Finance columnist Rick Newman ‘electric cars’ are not the cure for any auto industry ills,” Yahoo Finance reports. “Rather, hydrogen fuel cell technology is what he calls the ‘holy grail’ for automakers. While any number of them have been working on such vehicles no one has solved the problems associated with it.”

Yahoo Finance reports that Newman says, “‘Whoever can figure out how to, number one, get the cost of that hydrogen fuel… down to a tolerable level and then figure out how you fuel the thing because we don’t have hydrogen filling stations yet. That will transform the auto industry more than almost anything you can think of.'”

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  1. When it comes down to it, hydrogen is just a storage of energy – much like batteries. You still need energy to come from stoneware in order to produce it since you can’t pump it out of the ground like oil.

    Hydrogen is just a storage, not a producer of energy.

  2. Always been a great supporter of Hydrogen fuelled cars but even if the cells themselves are of an acceptable quality for the job the introduction of the infrastructure to match petrol/gas is just mind boggling and simply won’t happen till the latter is on its last legs. Equally though the commonest element to extract it is difficult and costly, the main process currently is from hydrocarbons which has an irony in itself if it is to replace that substance. So other methods will be needed which probably won’t be more green or efficient than the production of electricity to fuel our vehicles though at least that option is superior to using hydrocarbons to fuel them. So for the immediate and foreseeable future electric or hybrid seems to be the best option.

  3. Interesting, sitting here reading all this looking out the window at my vehicle, which is paid for and even though its 10 years old, it puts out approximately 1 percent of the pollution compared to when emissions regulations started, gets triple the fuel mileage of a comparable vehicle of 20 years ago, will get me through snow at 0 degrees with no issues at all, virtually no repair costs, fuels in 5 minutes.

    Oh the horror!!

  4. Finally!

    The article I have been waiting for since the late 1990s.

    Had the good fortune to test drive a $1.5 million all hydrogen SUV. Super quiet, responsive and only emits water.


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