Apple Watch: What we know

“This time next year, we’ll probably all be wondering how we got by without our Apple Watches, but here and now there’s still plenty that we don’t know about the device Cupertino wants to put on your wrist,” Jason Snell writes for Six Colors. “The crack Six Colors team (Jason Snell and Dan Moren) has assembled the sum total of human knowledge about Apple’s wearable device, or at least a reasonable facsimile.”

“When a Watch app wants to notify you, it presents what Apple calls a ‘short look’ — a brief item showing you what app is trying to notify you, with a hint about what the notification is about. If you lower your wrist, that notification vanishes,” Snell writes. “But if you raise your wrist or even just hold it steady, the Apple Watch assumes you want more, and loads the ‘long look’ notification, which is much more like something you’d find on the iPhone. A long-look notification includes information as well as buttons that let you interact with the information. The last button in every such notification is Dismiss, allowing you to get rid of the notification without interacting with it further.”

Tons more in the full article – recommended – here.


  1. As I wrote before, by far the most important feature is silent notifications by Watch tapping you on the hand — it is a breakthrough comparing to sounds or annoying buzzing of your regular vibrating motor.

    My mother misses a lot of reminders, notifications and messages only because she does not have her iPhone 6 Plus always with her to feel the buzzing, and she does not even like to feel it. And the sound if often off during her work hours. Or even at home she does not noise home work and totally misses whatever happens on her phone.

    With Apple Watch, this will be absolutely solved forever. Apple Watch support both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, so even she would leave her iPhone on a couch and go to kitchen, she would not miss a thing anyway.

    (Of course, she will re-consider her notification settings so she would not be bothered by unnecessary things.)

    1. I agree it’s an important feature, but the Pebble does this now with battery life of about a week, plus water-resistance… all for $85.

      It will be much more than this that makes the Apple Watch a desirable product.

    2. Could not agree more !
      Taptic ( heptic) communication….
      notifications… Coded messageing among friends, navigation left or right turn alerts..walking or driving …

      Loved it the moment i saw it at the presentation !

    3. I suspect this won’t change any of that.

      I’m guessing Apple watch will be MUCH heavier than the watch your mother wears now, and the large square shape is far from the most popular ladies’ watch style.

      I think Apple’s gonna have a hard time selling this to many American women to wear on their wrist. And the interface seems strongly geared to using it that way.

    1. I agree. Full Office on my wrist! Can’t wait to creat killer Excel spreadsheets just by shaking my wrist. Plus if you shake your wrist enough you can “squirt” files to your friends.

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