Listen to Apple’s new, more natural sounding Siri in iOS 8.3

“As it has done quietly in past builds, Apple’s latest iOS 8.3 release makes improvements to its Siri voice assistant in the way of more natural sounding speech synthesis,” Jordan Kahn reports for 9to5Mac.

“As noted by our tipsters, the change is particularly noticeable on the words ‘potato’ and ‘America’ in the comparison,” Kahn reports. “You’ll hear iOS 8.1.1 first in the audio comparison followed by the new and improved iOS 8.3.”

Kahn reports, “The improvements come ahead of the Apple Watch launch, which relies heavily on Siri and could always benefit from enhanced speech technology.”

Listen to the new and improved Siri voice in iOS 8.3 here.


    1. I’m a huge Apple fan, but Siri is terrible. I also don’t care what the voice sounds like since she isn’t even close to as useful and speedy as Google. I hope they get it squared away before the AppleWatch is distributed.

    1. iOS 8.3 was seeded to developers a week or two ago. It features wireless carplay, new emoji layout, Google Two-Factor authorization, and apple pay in china.

      source: every apple blog on february 9th

  1. What I’m hearing in the new Siri voice is some sort of artifact that sounds like it could be from compression. It’s adding a sawtooth wave distortion to what would otherwise sound ‘natural’ to me.

    I know of MUCH better voices and voice quality. But I know their voice files are relatively massive and I suspect they’d eat a lot more resources that the Siri voices. (There are more than one. I personally prefer the British English voice ‘Daniel’ over the American English voice ‘Samantha’).

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