Warning: Apple wants to get you hooked on iCloud

“Photos, iCloud Drive, iCloud Backup, Mail, iWork documents, iOS backups, Apple offers to host all of these items safe and sound in the iCloud, but there’s a big problem,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld. “Apple gives you just 5GB of space for free. Use more than that and you need to pay.”

“I don’t want to wrestle daily with my storage space sapping digital detritus just to stay inside iCloud’s low free storage limitations. I’m quite prepared to manage my usage, but I insist on being given reasonable capacity to get me started,” Evans writes. “As the service integration expands, 5GB quite clearly isn’t enough.”

“Please understand. I’m not moaning on my own behalf – I know I’m a heavy Apple user and I already pay for additional iCloud storage. It’s not about me,” Evans writes. “What concerns me is that as Apple integrates increasing number of services within iCloud customers are in danger of being forced to cough up cash for services they didn’t know they needed. All those iPhone backups, documents, pictures and other digital things will quickly consume that 5GB of space. Perhaps that’s Apple’s plan, but it’s a poor plan if you compare it to the more generous allowances offered by competitors in the online services sector.”

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  1. It’s worth noting that when the new iCloud was announced, pricing was competitive. The competition reacted by lowering their prices… drastically. Microsoft OneDrive is currently giving 100GB for free. While that’s just for 2 years, by that time it may be permanent, or at least people can have a better sense of usage during the 2 year trial.

    iCloud is still price competitive depending on the breakdown of the plans and which one you choose, and I wouldn’t be surprised if iCloud pricing comes down soon, especially when Photos launches.

    My problem with iCloud is how frustrating it is that Dropbox still offers more features, functionality, and ease of use.

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