New aerial tour of Apple’s Campus 2 shows rising ‘spaceship’ ring rising, auditorium progress, and more

“Apple’s Campus 2 mega-project is showing major progress in its ‘Spaceship’ Ring, where interlocking concrete slabs are building a foundation for a steel structure that is already beginning to reach upward by four stories,” Daniel Eran Dilger reports for AppleInsider. “The first massive parking garage is nearly finished and existing buildings have been demolished to make room for a second stage R&D site.”

“Apple began demolishing the former Hewlett Packard Pruneridge Campus buildings in 2013, but within just the last month it has also removed Ridgeview Court 1, a two-building complex Apple had been using as office space, located south of the HP site (below Pruneridge) on land Apple had previously acquired before the HP site became available,” Dilger reports. “Just north of newly demolished Ridgeview Court 1 site, Apple’s underground theater is now taking form, with a circular structure being built within the north section of the large excavated hole.”

More info, the drone video, and photos in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Edward W.” for the heads up.]


  1. Steve’s last invention…an office building to house Apple for then next 50 years. In his biography, Jobs talks about how it was designed to encourage chance face-to-face encounters as people cross on the paths through the park in the center of the ring. Jobs believed that random face-to-face encounters between the “A-players” is something that has always been critical to Apple’s success. This building will definitely be the swankiest tech company HQ in all of Silicon Valley.

    1. Waste of money. The cost per square foot of office space is higher than anywhere else in the USA. I realize that Cook no longer bothers to look at return on investment, but some of us would like to see functionality and pragmatism win out over hubris and arrogant design that ignores the end users.

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