How to prepare your iPhoto library for Photos for OS X

“What can I do with my current iPhoto library to get it ready for the transition to Photos?” Christopher Breen writes for Macworld.

“The glib answer is ‘nothing,'” Breen writes. “When you finally get your hands on Photos for OS X (which is slated to be released sometime this northern-hemisphere spring) and launch it, you’ll be asked if you’d like to import your iPhoto library.”

Breen writes, “So much for glib, let’s talk details. First, now is as good a time as any to start clearing out duplicates in your iPhoto library.”

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  1. I use several desktops and laptops. All with my iCloud name.

    I am worried that when each computer converts my iPhone library to the cloud based Photos library, I will have many duplicates uploaded. Each iPhoto library might not have many duplicates, but if I merge all of them, I will have many duplicates.

    Has anyone experienced this with the beta copies they are testing?

  2. My answer will be NO DO NOT IMPORT as I have tens of thousands of photos and will keep with current system of a folder with names ….. I’ve only been using iPhoto to import pics from iPhone but with airdrop working well I will just transfer direct into their folder and use non Apple photo software for any editing until I actually use the new software …..

    Hoping new Apple photo software is better than iPhoto as I was not happy with iPhoto, some loved but too slow for me!

  3. “You might also rate your images while they’re in iPhoto. Photos lacks the 0 – 5 Star rating system—it instead allows you to make an image a favorite”

    So much for “The glib answer is ‘nothing”

    1. Five Star Rating is an industry standard, not just an Apple thing. And something many amateur photographers have had in their iPhoto library for many years. I understand that Apple wants to keep things crazy simple, but it (in my opinion) is a mistake to not at least have the option in preference that you can chose to turn on.

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