Sales of Apple’s irrepressible Mac expected to rise through 2015

“Apple’s [Mac] shipment performance will beat the industry’s average in 2015 as it did in 2014, and total shipments of its Mac-series notebooks and desktops are likely to grow 10-15% on year to 20-23 million units in 2015, from 19.59 million units shipped a year earlier, according to Taiwan-based supply chain makers,” Aaron Lee and Steve Shen report for DigiTimes.

“Apple’s [Mac] shipments for the fourth quarter of 2014 and for all of 2014 were up 14.09% and 14.43%, respectively, from a year earlier,” Lee and Shen report. “Global PC shipments were down 2.4% and 2.1%, respectively, during the same periods.”

Lee and Shen report, “Compared to an estimated 10-15% shipment growth for Apple’s [Macs] in 2015, global PC shipments are expected to drop 3.3% in the year, according to Digitimes Research.”

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  1. I hereby declare this article a “No Brainer”!
    When Apple Watch is finally unleashed, the storage demands its Apps will require will supersede iClouds maximum storage thus causing iPhone and Apple Watch users to resort to iMacs and Mac Pros as storage repositories.

  2. All good !
    But they need to rethink their iconic, jewl of the crown desktop !
    It has to be the best Pro desktop .. PERIOD !
    Not a fancy wanabe !
    It has to be the products PROS Rave about !

      1. I do high end GPU computing too.

        I need to update GPUs every year or so to keep up with their increasing speeds, but replacing a whole Mac Pro to do that would be madness. 🙁

        I write a lot of nVidia CUDA because that is what my customers need, and that can’t be done on a Mac Pro because Apple offers no nVidia option. 🙁

        So Mac Pro is a very nice machine, but not cost effective over time compatible with widely used platforms. And I really wish it were because I hate my Windows PC. (I use Macs for everything else.)

    1. Yeah, the new Mac Pro is neat, but the earlier form-factor is more useful. You can’t put a different graphics card in the new one, which is a big disadvantage if you want to play games instead of design work.

      1. And now PC’s use the newer and much faster than Thunderbolt 2 PCIe3 16X slots. I too found myself wishing for the old form factor back. The new Mac Pro was a solution in search of a problem. Or if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

  3. For 31 years I’ve had a Mac on my desk. During most of that time I was ridiculed by Windows and PC users. Now I can take special pleasure in saying:

    FU Assholes!

  4. Give me a Mac mini with a quad core. Apple, you F%@ked up on that !!
    I would buy another IF it had the quad core, BETTER graphics, and a MUST: Be expandable ! Think 15%, 20%,, oh what the hell…50% increase in share ! Too big to expand ? NO !

  5. Choosing a PC (for Pretty Crappy) is the choice of cheapskates, tightwads and the clueless who cannot discern between quality and junk. Fortunately those perceptions are changing and people are starting to realize you get what you pay for.

    1. PCs are commodity items, therefore when writing super high end software, Macs are excluded. I ran chromatography for years with the company never releasing a Mac version. They released only Windows versions and only supported PC standards for their interface cards. Now that NO Macs have card slots, no software or hardware will ever be ported.

      The lack of upgradability will hurt Apple badly in the long run.

      Don’t be so quick to put down the competition. PCs are for gamers, for applications that require serious expandability and more processing power than is available from Macs. Macs are good mainstream computers, but there’s a lot of room for improvement and by soldering in RAM, losing slots, lobotomizing Mac Minis and never putting quad core processors in 13″ MBPs, Apple is firmly planting itself in the middle of the road.

      If I didn’t hate Windows or Linux so much…

      1. Yep. I may find myself having to buy an HP workstation soon if Apple doesn’t up their Mac Pro game for video and graphics pro’s. I never thought I’d say that being a voracious Mas user and defender since ’92. But as you know it’s a different mindset when you’re in pro mode rather than casual use. Hate using the Windows OS but I console myself knowing I will be inside an application most of the time. I hope…

        1. Holy crap, we can agree! I’ve been a Mac nut since my IIgs died, but it hasn’t been since recently that Apple has scared me with soldered in RAM, no expansion, and buggy OSs. I’m disappointed in Apple’s current direction, while it may satisfy the user looking for a high end laptop or a semi-upgradable all-in-one, there are mid to high end niches that they can fill and are ignoring. A quad core 13″ MBP, a quad core Mini, a 17″ rMBP, iPhones thick enough to have staggering battery life as an option, not an either or.

          Apple can offer far more options without going to the Centris/Quadra days. We who love Apple want more choices.

          1. The direction Apple is going in is alarming for power users, even intermediate users. We have command-key menu shortcuts, hidden functions revealed with the option key, and heck even right-clickable mice options today because Apple used to recognize that making the beginner comfortable is important, but *limiting* everyone to beginner-level features was bad.

            And yet now they’re over-simplifying Mac apps in order to make them sync-able with iOS versions of those apps. First the iWork suite, and soon Photos (what idiot decided to get rid of the star ratings?)

          2. On the pro end I would like a little less dumbing down too. I have to say though I got a fully tricked out Mac Book Pro 15″ RD earlier in spring of last year and that thing is a marvel of speed, beautiful design and total pleasure to use. BUT my two Mac Pro’s are way too long to the tooth and need replacement hence my current dilemma.

            I still think they need to offer a box with PCIe 3 16X slots for video and many graphics pro’s and the black trashcan quiet Mac Pro for pro audio users. They’re Apple, they can do or offer ANYTHING they want.

            Options are nice. 🙂

  6. 1) more mac advertising.
    66 different mac Pc guy ads in 4 years dwindled to near nothing today in spite of macs making more money
    Windows 8 hurting, take advantage…

    2) more powerful mac minis, upgradeable ram

    3) update mac pro with more regularity
    silly small stock hard drive (I know it’s fast but it’s small and Apple upgrades expensive). forces you to plug in cables for externals…

    4) Mid tower mac. From 500 mac mini to 3000 mac pro too large a gap for headless macs. Fast single multi core processor, Upgradeable ram, upgradable video
    (In the PC world headless PCs outsell ‘iMac’ types by a huge amount. It’s like the BIG phone, people have been clamouring for a mid tower Mac for years… If Apple is worried about losing $$ from monitor , vid card sales etc I’m willing to pay a bit more for a Mac mid tower than a similar specced PC. )

    5) OSX 10 bit capability. I know theres some controversy for 10 bit but many higher end monitors are already 10 bit , so if you’re paying for them already…

    (supposed advantages of higher bit files: better HDR, larger gamut and dynamic range capability , RAW images are already larger than 8 bit possible, 10 bit monitors show less banding more even gradation in tests, large bit files better survivability of images for destructive actions like Photoshop levels etc… )

  7. Apple’s biggest success on Macs are obviously MacBooks and iMacs.

    The loudest complaints are regarding Mac mini and Mac Pro’s.

    Apple will more likely listen to complains on Mac Pro’s than the mini’s.

    Too much earwax, Apple ?

    1. I recall when the smaller screened MacBook Pros were just as powerful as the large screen versions. Now the 13″ MBPs are all dual core. They don’t deserve the “Pro” moniker.

      Apple is too focused on iOS devices and is ignoring serious development of the Mac lineup.

  8. Might end up buying a PC (yeah the windoze variety) soon. Why you ask? My son won’t stop using “Chrome” and other Google shit. I told him I won’t pay for another Mac until he promises not to use gurgle. He tells me there is school stuff that he can’t do using Safari. Can that be true? Anyone care to support him?

      1. Check out my recommendation about WebGL below. Otherwise, I have no idea what you’re talking about. Webkit, which is the core of Safari, is at the bleeding edge of actual HTML5 support.

        The ONLY reason I could comprehend having to run ANY website in Windows these days is if that website is infested with Microsoft’s awful Active-X code. Every web browser except Microsoft Internet Explorer REFUSES to support Active-X as it has been proven to be a wide open gate for hackers. Thankfully, Active-X is dying off, as it should. But it’s still hanging around at some extremely lazy business websites. If you’re stuck using Active-X crap, again: May the godz protect you.

        1. Mostly it’s Business Insider or the Smithsonian Magazine site showing me a black screen with very dark grey text suggesting I use a browser that supports HTML5. Annoyingly, Safari is one of the lowest scoring browsers on

          1. Wow! I didn’t know about the test site!

            Doing a quick once over on the 394 score I got with 7.1.3 of Safari: I note that a lot of the FAILs were for stuff that is still being ‘proposed’. I of course was concerned about ‘Content Security Policy 1.1’, but it’s not finished yet. I was PLEASED that ‘Beacons’ failed as it is tracking technology, IOW fsck that. Beats me why stuff like ‘JPEG-XR support’ is missing. Mixed bag.

    1. This situation may simply be solved by doing the following:

      1) Open the Safari Preferences (⌘,).
      2) Open the ‘Advanced’ tab.
      3) Be sure ‘Show Develop menu in menu bar’ is checked ON.
      4) Open the ‘Develop’ menu and click ON ‘Enable WebGL’.

      Google championed WebGL despite some security/tracking problems with the standard. It runs by default in Chromium. It doesn’t run by default in Safari.

      As usual, web vs browser incompatibility problems tend to be related to breaking from the ECMAScript, what we still oddly call ‘JavaScript’ (which in reality is a dead term).

      Another potential problem: Some websites still demand the use of the Java Internet plug-in. That means you may have to install the damned thing, which I do NOT recommend. Oracle has ruined Java to the point where it is the #1 Most Dangerous software anyone can run on the Internet. But if you gotta use, you gotta use it. May the godz protect you. Just make certain you’re using the most recent version of the plug-in as it is constantly being used to hack-attack computers due to its crap security. You’ve been warned.

          1. Thanks Glenda dahling. 💕

            An article on the subject:

            My mini-lecture: Once upon a time there was a full blown, cross platform programming language called Java. It was created by a guy over at Sun Microsystems. Via its ‘runtime engine’ one could (sort of) write an application or web applet once and it would run on any computer platform. Then Oracle bought Sun, removed the Java sandbox and made Java into the single most dangerous software anyone could run on the Internet.

            Meanwhile, back in the early days of Java and the World Wide Web, there was a web browser named Mosaic, owned by Spyglass. A few guys from Spyglass left and formed their own company and browser called Netscape. Then one day, inexplicably, an exceptionally stupid marketing guy from Netscape had a talk with Sun Microsystems about cross-licensing the Java brand name for the sake of publicity. Netscape had already had an Internet scripting language called ‘LiveScript’. But it had formerly been called ‘Mocha’. So the marketing dweeb thought it would be cute to jump to the Java name. Sun Microsystems said that would be OK if Netscape forked over some money, which they did. Thus the name ‘JavaScript’ was born. Then Microsoft had to stick their nose it, create a rival scripting language called JScript, and everything went to hell.

            ECMA decided to sort out the mess AND incorporate yet another scripting language that Adobe had inherited from Macromedia called ActionScript. Put them all together and you get ECMAScript.

            But not a single line of code of Java is compatible with ‘JavaScript’. The two have nothing-at-all to do with each other except 4 consecutive letters in their names. And the Internet has been confused ever since.

            The End.

            Nighty-night children.

      1. Thank’s for that advice. Greatly appreciated. Let’s hope it works…cos I just hate Google and I’ll be darn’d if anyone in my family has any excuse to use it.⚡️😤

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