Apple vs. the one-trick ponies

“Apple’s fiscal second quarter iPhone sales were simply amazing, but the Cupertino company is showcasing the value in diversity more so than any of its competition,” Mark Reschke writes for T-GAAP. “Microsoft, the once mighty and feared software giant, is only a footnote outside of Windows sales. Office is the monster of business workflow, but without Windows and the forced Office bundles, who would value Word or Powerpoint over other solutions available today? Everything Microsoft had, has, and will have, revolves around Windows nothing more. Bing, Xbox and Windows Phone are all long-term financial nightmares for the Redmond, WA techno-giant.”

“Despite all the talk of Android and Chromebook, Google’s latest quarter underscored how deeply reliant the company is on search and advertising revenues. Google missed street estimates badly,” Reschke writes. “Revenue dipped below 20% growth last quarter for the first time in over five years. This quarter net revenue grew only 7%, a trend spooking investors, exposing the fact Google only knows how to make money through search and not much more.”

“iPad, Mac and services alone are massive, with just these 3 parts making Apple an $80 billion company,” Reschke writes. “Just because iPhone is the most successful technology product in world history should not blind anyone to the additional markets [in which] Apple has achieved extraordinary success.”

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    1. You shoulda – coulda – woulda…..BOUGHT AAPL!
      I’m talking beach house – first class air all the time – Europe Vacay every two months – BMW M5 & 2015 Land Rover Sport and no I don’t have to work any more!

  1. Even the “Other Products” category (which is where iPod, Apple TV, and Apple accessories are lumped) had revenue of about $2.7 billion. And Microsoft is bragging about revenue from Surface hitting $1 billion.

    1. The iPod might not be the monster money maker it once was, but it was the iPod which allowed Apple to make the iPhone. Without doing the iPod no carrier would have gambled on Apple’s phone.

      Further, the iPod is also the reason people were watching Apple with baited breath when they announced the iPhone.

      The success of the iPhone is absolutely an extension of the success of the iPod.

  2. WTF!!!

    Google growth down under 20% last quarter and Apple sets an all time high quarterly record for every company that made a dollar on planet earth.

    Apple stock down today almost two bucks and Google UP almost 24 bucks? For what?!? Why?!? WTF is going on here!?!

    Market manipulation set a new record today. And SEC does not have a clue. Ridiculous!

  3. “exposing the fact Google only knows how to make money through search and not much more.”

    Neither of these companies thinks about anything except the quick buck. If Google had of thought for a while about android and possible problems, they could have still given it away but locked the system down to using Google search. A team on hand to tailor android to some of each users request would have meant that Google could send out updates much more easily.

    Companies other than Apple, and thinking only of the quick buck. Its a killer.

    1. It seems to me that everything Google has done is ancillary to their almighty Search.

      When these thralls of Mammon dream, they cannot help but dream up new ways to collect data to further enrich their profiles/dossiers on each and every one of us, so that when they put us on the auction block, we’ll command a premium price from advertisers.

      What is “exposed” is the subservience of their design sensibility to their business model, whereby their assorted offerings spoil the consumer experience in some way. They can’t help but design whiz-bang things, because they’re nerds and geeks; but the designs just prove that they’re nerds and geeks with more interest in money than customer delight, or utility, or even dignity.

      1. Thomas would probably smile, knowing what he started for the common person.

        Before electric light, whale oil lamps and good beeswax candles were expensive and not all that good at illumination. The average household stopped from sundown to sunup.

        After Edison, people could indeed read and study to create technological wonders much faster and indeed use them much longer each day or all day in some cases.

        It is easy to forget what clean light meant for both home, manufacturing and retail business.

  4. I just wonder how long investors are going to be patient with Google flushing millions down the toilet developing driverless cars and other pie-in-the-sky fantasies.


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