Jim Cramer: Apple, ‘the greatest company on the face of the Earth,’ is going to roll higher this year

“Apple reported yet another mind-blowing quarter this week, and while Jim Cramer is already hearing the skeptical questions from investors—he thinks this amazing stock could roar even higher this year,” Abigail Stevenson reports for CNBC.

• Staggering, but can it continue?
• Doesn’t it have to run out, now?
• The law of large numbers says it can’t stay like this.

“‘Those questions have been among the most costly series of inquiries imaginable. They have, for years, kept you from owning the greatest stock of the greatest company on the face of the Earth,’ said the ‘Mad Money’ host,” Stevenson reports. “These skeptics doubted the iPod, the iPhone, the iPad, and the new iPhones four, five and six. They even doubted the big iPhone and thought China would hate the new phones. Yet, every one of these initiatives ended up being amazing.”

“At this point, Apple management has earned Cramer’s trust. So, if they say something is big, it will be and the stock will climb. Give them the benefit of the doubt,” Stevenson reports. “‘If Tim Cook says, as he did on the call, that he can’t live without his watch then you will probably not be able to live without your watch.'”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. “Smashing the street” doesn’t seem to matter much to the street. For those who may be just recently tuning into this board, here’s why AAPL is stuck at about a half or a third of what it should be – investors have pretty close to zero confidence in Tim Cook’s ability to drive the company forward with vision and innovation. He’s a very weak leader. Throwing up his arms in some kind of celebration because the company makes big profits is seen as simply riding the wave of the company’s phone momentum instead of leading it to heights way, way beyond the current position that it is stuck in.

    I know, I know the watch, the watch. We’ll see but Tim has moved expectations so high about a devise no one has seen and doesn’t work with out a phone in your pocket, don’t look for more that $120 or so in your AAPL holdings that should be closer, according to analyst way more smarter than anyone in the MDN world, to $300.

    As the irrational celebration continues, think of what it should be instead of what it is.

    1. Keep screaming, Chicken Little. Eventually, you may actually turn out to be right. Currently, you are just a broken record trolling around MDN.

      Provide specifics on your doom-saying so that we can call you on them. Otherwise, we have no reason to care what you think.

    2. What scares me is that Jim Cramer has basically admitted that he gives advice meant to move the market in a way beneficial to him. In other words, if he is trying to drive up the price, maybe he is preparing to sell.
      Then again, maybe he’s completely a waste of hot air, and we shouldn’t pay attention to him either for “good” advice, or even for reverse-psychology tricks.

    3. ““Smashing the street” doesn’t seem to matter much to the street. For those who may be just recently tuning into this board, ….”
      Jay Morrison is one of many resident trolls; he needs to get a life, we know.

  2. the inaptly named “law of large numbers” applies to big companies that are conglomerates of multiple divisions that make disparate stuff or have a limited product line like oil. the multiple divisions have results that tend to the normal distribution, where the overall result is limited by the commodities or routine stuff they sell. apple is not like other big companies – they don’t have disparate divisions making a wide range of stuff that averages out to average or worse revenue and profits. the limited product line companies are boom/bust driven and at the whim of forces out of their control. until analysts come to grips with reality – that apple is literally not like other large companies – they just won’t understand the growth potential.

      1. He should be fired on the spot and his clients should tar and feather him and ride him out of town on a rail. He’s either a jackass or a crook. Take your pick. It doesn’t matter what reasons he gives for his analysis, barring an asteroid strike or a world war, it’s not going to happen.

  3. Sometimes I wish Wall Street would treat Apple stock like they do Amazon. If they did, I could retire today. I have a hard time accepting that, despite this being a capitalistic environment, profits are the measure by which a company is judged.

    1. Jeff Bezos has been declared as some mystical-powered CEO with infinite vision by Wall Street and he’s bosom buddies with Warren Buffett. They have an awful lot of pull between the two of them. Compared to Jeff Bezos, Tim Cook is about as much of an outsider as you can get. No one on Wall Street is going to believe anything Tim Cook has to say because he’s not part of the Wall Street Boys’ Club.

      Those people in the Club generate their own profits and they don’t need a profitable company to work their magic. They use smoke and mirrors based on “potential future growth” which is about a useful a method of valuing a company as me asking you for a big loan today because I think I’m going to hit the lottery tomorrow.

      Apple delivers “real” money but it’s not good enough for the big players on Wall Street who are always hoping for some gigantic payday. They’ll simply keep pumping a stock until they get tired of it and then move on to something else. A company like Netflix shouldn’t exist but it does. There’s no way a share should cost $400 for that company but it seems people happily pay for it but argue that Apple isn’t worth $100 a share when Apple makes more in a day than Netflix makes in a month. Wall Street is simply made up of crooks and con artists trying to make a buck any way they can.

      1. Well said. The criminals on wall street are not satisfied with making money in a years time. They want instant 5 day riches. So they lie, cheat steal, create counterfeit stock, anything to move a stock price “artificially” down or up to win at their game.

      2. AP had an article yesterday on Amazon’s Financials for the final quarter of 2014 stating they had a remarkably profitable quarter. . . but not one word in the article stated WHAT those profits were, or what they were YOY, or how they compared to the previous quarter, or what percentage of sales they were! In fact the only numbers in the entire article were about Amazon Prime memberships and the amount being charged for those memberships and how many more they’ve gotten, but not how many they’ve gotten. It was one of the most UNINFORMATIVE articles I’ve ever read on the business page. I actually went back over it twice, thinking I must have missed the Financial data. I didn’t. It was all RAH RAH RAH, but no meat. Sizzle but no steak!

  4. Jay Morrison is obviously a business megastar who has accomplished incredible innovation and entrepreneurial achievement – it just is all undocumented. So, when he says Tim is a “weak leader” take it from a guy whose name is Jay Morrison.

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  5. Let me see… On this corner, Jay. On the other corner, Tim. Who am I going to bet on? Hmm… No disrespect Jay, but my money is on Tim Cook.

    You should know by now, that everything that Apple has ever come up with has been dissed; going all the way back to the Mac. Ah, the Mac, it is just a toy, the little girls used to say. Now the Mac takes the lion share of the PC profits.

    You may not like Tim Cook, but when it comes to leading Apple, he has already proven the skeptics WRONG!

    1. You may not like Tim Cook, but when it comes to leading Apple, he has already proven the skeptics WRONG!

      More to the point, Empty Tank, he has proven Jay Morrison WRONG!

  6. Your refrain used to be that Tim Cook would never have any success, now it’s that someone else would have had more. You know most of the readers on MDN have no respect at all for your opinions, although, like everyone else on here, you’re entitled to them.

    Investor confidence in and of itself doesn’t set the share price, as you well know. Share demand sets it. And many factors influence share demand. Who’s the “analyst way more smarter than anyone in the MDN world” you are referring to?

  7. Well, now that the analysts are all saying “Apple is a must-own stock” and are falling all over themselves to tell everyone to buy it — the price is going up, now is unquestionably the time to sell. This really looks like a classic case of manipulation — tell everyone to buy so they can sell…

    1. I’m sure they’re crooks, so let them sell. I’ll still hold on to my Apple stock for the dividend increases. I believe in Apple so I don’t care what those jackasses have to say. I’m not playing their game. I make my own decisions and blame no one but myself if I’m wrong. They might take Apple down a notch but from what I’m seeing in the market there are an awful lot of shareholders from other companies taking much bigger losses.

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