New Vivaldi browser aims to win over power users

“There’s a new browser aiming to win the hearts and minds of power users,” Ian Paul reports for PCWorld. “Called Vivaldi, the Chromium-based browser comes from a team led by Jon von Tetzchner, co-founder and former CEO of Opera Software. Vivaldi is available now as a technical preview for Windows, Mac, and Linux.”

“The overall look of Vivaldi is a mix of a classic browser UI and the more sparse, modern interpretations in browsers like Chrome and Microsoft’s upcoming Spartan,” Paul reports. “Vivaldi appears to be an attempt by Tetzchner and his team to remake what they believe Opera should’ve been. Before it became a browser, Vivaldi was an online community for dispossessed Opera users after Opera Software shut down its community site in late 2013. Vivaldi, the browser, also contains many Opera-like traits including Speed Dial, a built-in mail client (still under development), and built-in note taking.”

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“I’ve used the preview of Vivaldi as my main browser for a full day now and the team is definitely on the right track,” Frederic Lardinois reports for TechCrunch. “The design emphasizes simplicity, but there are also a few playful touches. The tabs and menus change color according to the dominant color in a site’s favicon, for example (you can turn this off, too).”

“There are lots of nifty little features already built in, including tab previews and the ability to move tabs to any corner of the browser window,” Lardinois reports. “Vivaldi currently has about 25 employees and von Tetzchner is self-funding the project for now. In the long run, he plans to monetize through search deals and potentially through affiliate deals, too, though he noted that this is something the company still has to figure out.”

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