Apple releases OS X Yosemite 10.10.2

Apple today released OS X Yosemite 10.10.2 which:

• Resolves an issue that may cause WiFi to disconnect
• Resolves an issue that may cause web pages to load slowly
• Fixes an issue that caused Spotlight to load remote email content when the preference was disabled in Mail
• Improves audio and video sync when using Bluetooth headphones
• Adds the ability to browse iCloud Drive in Time Machine
• Improves VoiceOver speech performance
• Resolves an issue that causes VoiceOver to echo characters when entering text on a web page
• Addresses an issue that may cause the input method to switch languages unexpectedly
• Improves stability and security in Safari

OS X Yosemite 10.10.2 is available via Software Update.


  1. No problems with update. I really like my (unofficial) “Fusion Drive.” I added a 120GB SSD (Intel brand) to my Mac mini a few months ago, and created a 613GB Fusion Drive with the stock 500GB hard drive. Installation of these system updates seem to take much less time than before.

  2. I have had a few Wi-Fi issues in the past but not major – however, after this update, I have real and severe WiFi issues. I am a Mac user since 1988 and this is completely disappointing! Apple must get their act together and stop this new habit of not caring about if it works or not. It just works was the main reason for me to stay with Mac. Is that changed forever?

  3. What I have noticed is that I am getting quirky Time Machine behavior from Yosemite. When working with dual monitors (an iMac connected to a second monitor) when entering Time Machine there’s a huge black square obstructing the view.

    The workaround I found was to open a finder window on the secondary monitor, and Time Machine displays fine on my iMac.

    I have no idea why my workaround works, but if anyone has issues with it and dual monitors, it’t worth a try (I already send a report about it via Feedback Assistant).

  4. My opinion
    Apple makes the best hardware. Others try but fail at it. I can not find a serious alternative to the 15″ MBP. Looks, size, battery life and resolutions, no other computer has the features I need. Some try to compensate by adde 23 USB ports, but just 1 extra is more than enough.

    Apple makes the mest OS. The way it works, looks and the simplicity is nowhere to be found in Windows or Linux. It is simply much much better.

    Apple has the best ecosystem. Mac and iPhone, man is it great. iCloud in the mix, what a pleasure.

    Having all this makes me spoiled. Bad. So I complain. How iCloud is a joke, compared to the rest of my experience with Apple. Mail is a joke, why can’t more time be put into it so it works? It is usable, but I did not sign up for usable, I signed up to have fun and work. When U get a call on the iPhone, it shows up on the Mac, how cool is that? But when I press a button to shut it up, the Mac keeps ringing…..and when I finaly “decline” it there, even when there is no real call to decline, for the caller has stopped already, I have to open FaceTime to get rid of the red dot, activating the camera etc. Why? Who on earth would want that and why can I not set preferences for it? Immature software. Yes, Windows is still in diapers, and I know software is never perfect, how hard you try, but I woudl have liked it to be better on the 3rd try…..

  5. OK, so far I’m pretty happy with this update.
    I’ve noticed 3 issues right away that seem to have been fixed:

    No more wifi disconnect after sleep (at least so far)

    My external drive is now automatically remounting after reboot (yay!)

    My Logitech MX Laser mouse is now behaving properly.

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