iTunes features that Apple’s retired — and what’s next to go

“iTunes has been around for just over 14 years, and has seen its share of improvements, enhancements, and added features,” Kirk McElhearn writes for Kirkville.

“But some of the features added to iTunes don’t last. I took a look at iTunes’ history to find those marquee features that were added to the app, but that didn’t last very long,” McElhearn writes. “Some lasted for many years, other just a couple, but these features were considered to be big deals when they were introduced. And now they are gone.”

iTunes Features that Have Been Retired
• iMix
• Party Shuffle
• Smart Shuffle
• The iTunes MiniStore
• Cover Flow view
• Genius Sidebar
• Ping
• Multiple Windows

McElhearn writes, “What’s next [to go]?”

Read more in the full article here.

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  1. The article didn’t mention my favorite iTunes feature, which has been gone for a very long time now: ringtone editing. I still use ringtones that I made with it.


  2. The got rid of stability and usability a LONG time ago. It’s especially true if you have a large library or if you run the Windows version. I wish they’d stop tinkering with the UI and fix the damned thing.

  3. Many of us have followed each successive itteration as the app has morphed.
    For those new to it, its far less intuative and with no manual, all those additional features are never discovered and never used.

    Sometimes less is not more.

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