Xiaomi, which makes billions ripping off Apple, warns people not to buy knockoff versions of its devices

“Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi has been on a tear lately, although when you look at some of its devices, you quickly notice that they bear a striking resemblance to devices released by Apple,” Brad Reed reports for BGR.

“This is why we find it amusing that Xiaomi’s CEO is now warning its fans to watch out for knockoff Xiaomi products being sold at phone retail outlets in Chinese cities,” Reed reports. “Android Headlines brings us word that Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun has warned people to not buy any device being sold at any Xiaomi retail outlet, largely because the company doesn’t actually have any official retail stores and sells its devices only online.”

Xiaomi’s MIUI 6 Android skin mimics Apple's iOS 7
Xiaomi’s MIUI 6 Android skin mimics Apple’s iOS 7


Xiaomi MiPad
Xiaomi MiPad


Xiaomi M4 (left), Apple iPhone 5s (right)
Xiaomi M4 (left), Apple iPhone 5s (right)

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    1. Turns out when Xiaomi tried to break into the Indian market, that their phones and tablets were confiscated because they have not been paying for any of the intellectual property they use in their phones. In other words, they don’t LICENSE anything they use! Nothing! Several of the companies they have been ripping off filed lawsuits in India accusing them of infringing their patents. . . and the Indian customs interdicted their shipments and confiscated the phones and tablets pending litigation! None-the-less, their profits were not “billions” but they only posted the equivalent of $7 million dollars in profits last year even with stealing their ideas, licensing, and selling lots of phones and tablets, thereby stealing market from legitimate sellers!

  1. That’s funny, the thief is telling you not to buy from others who happen to be ripping off the thief themselves. Do onto others as they do onto you seems to be a good dose of there own medicine. Keep buying the other products people! Xiaomi is ripping Apple off so why not rip them off too!
    The headline is quite misleading since they did not make hardly anything from the sale of there ripoff products anyways fortunately.

  2. more than a decade ago one prominent Chinese film director complained about piracy and copying in China. His films were pirated the moment he released them. He said that destroyed all incentive to be creative and China should protect intellectual rights. Apply that to all other industries, without respect for IP China would never progress to be a real tech power that invents and pushes the envelope forward.

    Perhaps that situation actually helps companies like Apple as China is crippling it’s own creative people.

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