Peak laptop: Whittling down the MacBook to an iPad

“Over two years ago, I wrote a review of the then-new 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro. The headline: We’re Getting Very Close To The Perfect MacBook. ‘Very close’ is the key phrase there,” M.G. Siegler writes for Medium. “As great as that machine was/is, I knew it wasn’t perfection in laptop form. Yet.”

“In the intervening years, I’ve gone back-and-forth between using this 13-inch MacBook Pro and an 11-inch MacBook Air (my work machine). There are obvious and real benefits to each. In my mind, it’s been clear for a while: the absolute perfect machine would be a 12-inch MacBook with a Retina display,” Siegler writes. And, if a scoop by Mark Gurman is to be believed (and there’s no reason to believe it shouldn’t be, given his track record), such a machine nears.””

“With this new machine, Apple will have essentially whittled down the MacBook to just the absolute fundamentals of a laptop. Any further reduction and you no longer have a laptop, you have a tablet,” Siegler writes. “You have the iPad.”

“I suspect this new MacBook will be the last laptop I end up buying. Again, that doesn’t mean the MacBook is dying anytime soon, but I believe this will be the pinnacle of the product,” Siegler writes. “Kids will grow up never having used a laptop. Apple is about to whittle the MacBook down to perfection. Peak laptop. From there, there’s nowhere to go but to slowly disappear… into an iPad.”

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