Apple hires HP vet to drive enterprise sales

“Apple has hired a longtime Hewlett-Packard executive to run sales of its products to large corporations, and he may take on a role involving international sales of the forthcoming Apple Watch,” Arik Hesseldahl reports for Re/code.

“The Cupertino-based company has hired John Solomon, a former senior VP with HP’s printing and personal systems group,” Hesseldahl reports. “His precise role and title are unclear, though several sources describe it as being central to Apple’s push to boost sales to big companies and government agencies with large technology budgets.”

“Reached by email, Solomon declined to comment. An HP spokeswoman confirmed that he had left the company,” Hesseldahl reports. “An Apple spokesman confirmed that Solomon had joined the company, but declined to elaborate on his role or title.”

Read more in the full article here.


  1. There are hundreds of cows grazing below.
    The young bull says, “Let’s run down there and fuck us one of those cows!”

    The old bull says, “No, let’s walk down and fuck them all.”

    1. That’s right. Those cows ain’t going anywhere, so why bother to rush. However, Wall Street has this idea that the early bird catches the worm. What’s the big deal of catching one worm when there are tens of thousands still left to catch. WS would like to devalue Apple for being “late to the party” which is akin to being five minutes late to the Mardi Gras.

      As for those doubting Apple will be a force for a number of years to come, it can’t be helped. Either they believe in something or they don’t and that’s their problem. No one knows for certain what the future will hold yet hedge funds will value a stock as a winner or a loser based on future earnings which is no more insightful than betting on a horse finishing first or dead last in a future race.

      All those fools betting on Google’s oddball projects for the future are going to need an awful lot of luck to see any worthwhile results, but that’s Wall Street for ya. BS, hopes & dreams.

      1. Wall Street has NO ideas, only mistaken concepts that are 40 years out of date.

        And it sadly believes that everyone but itself is a total idiot that will believe what it’s anal. …ist bloggers print so us minions will buy and sell to their drums.

      2. The early bird does indeed catch the worm, but the early worm might feel that an early start wasn’t such a good idea.

        All that really matters, whether from the perspective of the worm, the bird, or any other creature is to find the right time to get the most benefit while minimising any risks. Apple has created a terrific opportunity to do exactly that.

        1. The point of the story is that being an early bird isn’t the only way to get the worm. Indeed, while the early bird bull could *a* worm, the older, wiser bull knows he can have all the worms (cows) in the end (that’s the way cows do it — in the end). So in this case the bull is the bird, the cow is the worm, but also the enterprise technology customer, while, did I mention the bull is also Apple, but the younger early bird bull is the competition…

          Oh, never mind. It’s better when Robert Duval tells it:

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