Apple predictions for 2015

“That 12.9-inch iPad everyone seems to be talking about – will it run some OS X apps?” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld. “Apple’s iPad sales will rebound in 2015 as the company’s dominance of the so-called tablet industry prevails.”

“Beats will reveal itself as a 21st century music company, offering streaming and a la carte services,” Evans writes. “With iOS-powered, Siri-controlled headphones to provide music and additional services (travel directions, messaging and more).”

“Apple Watch will crush market expectations with around 30 million sales in 2015. The fitness wearables category will be decimated by the product’s launch, and the watch will later prove to be the first of a series of wearable solutions the company already has planned,” Evans writes. “(Including wearable displays that don’t make you look weird).”

Many more predictions from longtime Apple watcher Evans in the full article here.


    1. Apple will stick with the Intel processors. Too many people have that one, must-have app that runs only on Widows. For most of my clients it is Quickbooks or Quicken.

      Intuit should be ashamed of the crap they sell for the Mac platform. I hope that they will get a clue one day, but until then, and likely after, we will need to have the ability to virtualize Windows.

      1. Why don’t people consider Apple designing their own x86-64 based CPUs? I think we’re getting close to seeing this happen.

        Obviously economies of scale made it possible to bring their ARM cores in house, but as they sell more and more Macs, it might be worth while to start designing highly optimized and efficient CPUs for their PCs as well.

  1. As a non cable subscriber, these are what I’d like to see in 2015

    1. AppleTV SDK at WWDC
    2. New AppleTV hardware in the Fall
    3. Debut of the AppleTV App Store
    4. Complete overhaul of iTunes Store
    5. iTunes Streaming Service (movies, tv shows and music)

    1. Absolutely this tops my wish list.

      For iOS 9, should be somewhat of a Snow Leopard style release. Less new major features, and more cleaning everything up and making everything work right. Then, throughout the year, release 9.1, 9.2, etc… that bring with it new features.

      For hardware, they should seriously consider extending the warranties and do a better job addressing problems that appear to be widespread (like the graphic cards in the MacBook Pros).

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