Bluefin: Apple iPhone ‘frenzy’ continues unabated

“BlueFin Research Partners’s John Donavan and Steve Mullane today offer an update on what they’re seeing for Apple’s iPhone ‘frenzy’ of demand this quarter, while warning that how things fare will make estimates for the March quarter either too high or too low,” Tiernan Ray reports for Barron’s. “The authors sum up that Apple is in the midst of a frenzy.”

We have uncovered very little evidence to suggest that AAPL is facing any near-term slowdown in iPhone demand, other than the expected seasonal decline in CQ1 following the frenetic release of the iPhone 6 family. The precipitous decline in builds/shipments for CQ1 has always been visible and we have yet to uncover anything other than modest expected fluctuations. We will continue to monitor CQ1 build patterns to determine any potential adjustments in demand. In the meantime, our conviction remains steadfast, as iPhone demand appears to be rock solid at least through CQ1 2015. — BlueFin Research Partners

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  1. I went to two Best Buys yesterday trying to help my sister buy an iPhone 6 Plus. Both were madhouses with huge waits, and it seemed everyone there was buying an iPhone. Not a representative sample, to be sure, but it does fill me with confidence.

      1. Why would you bite you tongue and not ask them about the disabled terminals?? I would take every opportunity I get to keep hammering it home that they are idiots for not accepting Apple Pay.

          1. Agreed, and glad you recognized a situation where it wasn’t appropriate to engage. Few shopping days left, weekend madness… anyone wasting a sales rep’s time for ideological reasons this time of year will turn all the irate people in line against the very thing you’re fighting for. Even a token show of trying to use it, only to be told it’s disabled, is a waste of time because it won’t even be mentioned to the higher-ups.

    1. I was also in the Apple section at Best Buy yesterday and the sales rep told me that the Thanksgiving timeframe this year had similar traffic compared to last year, but she said the last few days were much busier than in recent memory.

  2. This, despite declining OS quality imperiling Apple’s future growth? Forbes couldn’t be that wrong, could it? Must be just lemmings taken in by the hype. I guess the future will kick in once these consumers see how shabby their shiny new phones really are, and tell all their friends.

      1. You apparently haven’t seen the Forbes article (a few headlines below this one), about the decline of Apple’s OS quality.

        Those who did will understanding that the above comment was meant as sarcasm (and it is actually quite funny).

  3. This is what makes no sense. Say if Apple were to sell 70 million iPhones this quarter, I’m sure there would still be analysts saying that if Apple only sells 50 million for the March quarter (yes, it could be seen as a slowdown), it would be an extremely negative thing despite two quarters showing a sum total of 120 million iPhones. What has changed so much with Wall Street that a company can’t be valued for an entire year? Why is it always the need for precise quarter by quarter measurement?

    Seriously, Apple is going to be raking in some huge revenue and for analysts to keep focusing on the negative, it really makes no sense at all. Most companies in the world are somewhat seasonal. I think that’s only natural.

    1. Wall street is not what is was 20 years ago.
      Filled with leaches, liars, crooks and the scum of the earth. That’s on a good day.
      No longer content with a nice year over year growth, they want instant gratification and to tripple their money in a week. So do anything to pull the stock artificially down. Whe they think they can’t get it any lower, then buy and ride it back up on all the correct, good news. Sell, repeat.

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