Apple’s iPad may be on the verge of a comeback

” iPad pessimism may have gone too far now,” Adam Levine-Weinberg writes for The Motley Fool. “While iPad sales declines could continue for a few more quarters, Apple is well-positioned to drive a return to sustainable sales growth by the end of 2015.”

“While many people who bought iPads in 2011 and 2012 haven’t felt the need to upgrade yet, Apple’s strong customer loyalty ensures that most will eventually replace their iPads,” Levine-Weinberg writes. “By the end of 2015, there will be a very large number of iPads in the three year-four year age range.”

“Apple is in a good position to start conquering the enterprise market. In July, Apple announced a partnership with International Business Machines (NYSE: IBM ) to target the enterprise market. IBM will create more than 100 industry-specific iOS apps and integrate them with its own cloud and service offerings and sell iPhones and iPads to enterprise clients through its own sales force,” Levine-Weinberg writes. “On Wednesday, Apple and IBM announced that the first wave of enterprise apps were ready. These apps target various industries including transportation, banking, government, and retail.”

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    1. Bollocks. There is no “mistake”. There is an upgrade schedule that so called “analysts” refuse to take into account. iPads are more like laptops in their upgrade cycle. You and a few of your friends are not even close to representative of the entire buying public.

      1. Clearly true logically iPads grew quicker than any previous Apple product and as I have found does a perfectly good job for at least 3 years so little impetus to upgrade especially as they have hit a bit of a plateau in what they can do even if processor advances are still rapid. I think come 4 years that a balance will have been met and a logical upgrade path kicks in. Don’t expect big leaps in growth or indeed a compelling need to upgrade will happen though until new capabilities and developments software or hardware kick in. Touch may be the first of these.

  1. It wouldn’t surprise me if we saw a swing in people buying iPads, then people buying Macs. People likely won’t want to be upgrading in the same year and since the iPad is such a relatively new product we’re still at the point where people are coming up to what might be considered their first replacement point (as opposed to computers which people consider as and when they feel the need).

  2. I think people will upgrade once their iPads begin to feel super sluggish due to system updates. I know I did. I hung on to my iPad 3 until it was no longer usable on iOS8.

    1. Not sure what you’re talking about. I have an iPad 2, and the initial iOS8 release was, in fact, horrible for this model. So slow it was all but unusable. However, ALL the speed (or virtually all) returned with subsequent updates.

      One thing: the story mentions a “sales decline.” AFAIK, sales aren’t declining, the rate of sales GROWTH is declining. Or do I have it wrong??

  3. Like all scammers, Motley Fool website has elements of truth before the scam at the end. Every Apple article at MF (pun intended) has click bait to a phony investing “opportunity.” I wont even click there any more. Yahoo Finance apparently has seen the light and won’t link. MDN should do the same.

  4. The only people who really doubted the iPad’s sales numbers were the idiot analysts. I said a long time ago that the reason for the lower sales was because a lot of us did not feel the need to upgrade. I just moved off of a 2 year old iPad mini, and I just replaced an iPad 2 for my Mom, and bought her a new iPad Air 2. It’s not unheard of for customers to keep a device for 2-3 years, so why would anything think that we all rush out and buy new iPads every time a new one is released? The truth is that these dumb ass analysts want Apple to fail, or at leas they want to have some “bad” news to report about Apple so that their websites will get visitors. Way too much as been made of what is merely a normal cycle of customers waiting until there is a compelling reason to replace their devices rather than replacing them every time Apple releases a new product.

  5. I agree 100%. Ipad cycle is much longer than iphone due to the quality of the product. I just replaced my trusty ipad 2 for an Air2.

    Ipad are well built and can last for years unlike most of the competition.

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