Apple Pay in-app checkout added to MLB Ballpark and Priceline apps

“Apple Pay support is still slowly rolling out from more banks, retailers, and apps, and two notable updates added Apple Pay in-app checkout options this week,” Zac Hall reports for 9to5Mac.

“First up is Priceline, the app that aims to save you money on flights, hotels, and car rentals anytime you’re traveling,” Hall reports. “While the app allows you to book plane tickets and reserve rental cars, Apple Pay checkout is currently limited to “Express Deals” for paying for hotel reservations.”

“Next up is Ballpark, which was previously called At the Ballpark, with support for using Apple Pay in the app at checkout,” Hall reports. “The faster payment option is limited to ‘select MLB Clubs only’ when paying for single-game tickets for next year’s baseball season.”

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  1. WOW … You’re really onto something here. Can you imagine the sales opportunity of implementing ApplePay NFC payment method throughout a Ballpark!!! I actually hate passing cash money down-the-row to the vendor as payment for the food he was forced to pass down-the-row to me. An alternative is to face the crowded concession stand. Can the payment “handshake” of NFC be targeted?

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