Apple and IBM: The new enterprise IT

“Apple and IBM have introduced their autumn collection of elegant, contextual and transactional enterprise-class apps designed to bring intelligent intelligence to business in the Big Data age,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld. “Some may miss the complexity masked by the seeming simplicity of the app interfaces the partners revealed this week. They’d be stupid to do so, as these are good examples of taking information from multiple sources, contextualizing it and wrapping it inside an accessible and transactional layer.”

“You see, we’re moving rapidly away from silo-based management practice — it’s not appropriate, for example, for the marketing teams to fail to speak with the publicity teams, or for the tech support team to deny insights from customer service,” Evans writes. “This is why it makes so much sense for enterprise to seek systems integration help from outside of their own talent pool while they modernize the nature of their set-up.

“Some reports claim that more than 75% of firms intend building 10 or more apps during the next 12 months, but most lack the skills to do so,” Evans writes. “That’s where Apple and IBM come in.”

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  1. More doofuses getting pink slips is great news for everyone. We’ve been having non-stop back to back celebrations at my Fortune 500 workplace and productivity up by 400% for everyone.

        1. Some things are just intuitively correct and stumbling blocks, once removed, usually yield better results assuming effective security methods using the best OS are still in place.

          You can always work in an Apple Store. You won’t find many sympathetic with the plight of unemployed IT “Nick The Computer Guy” type stumbling blocks. The industry as a whole is moving toward the freedom of fewer IT folks needed.

          Thanks for the warm unemployment wishes this holiday season. Same to you in spades my friend!

          1. That isn’t proof but just an opinion of how you see things. I am sure if people reading your original comment who work IT would want to wish you plenty of warm unemployment wishes to you in spades as well. Of course I don’t wish you lose your job just don’t wish it on others.

            1. I only wish for inefficiencies and tech doomsayers (simply trying to hold on to a job through FUD) but getting it in the way be gone. Nothing personal. We don’t need Blacksmiths much anymore either. Occupations evolve and nothing lasts forever.

            2. Rubbish…your rhetoric suggests otherwise. Using the term IT Doofus is a derogatory term. Just installing MACs won’t get rid of people in the IT department – it is much more complex than that.

            3. You seem a little too sensitive and give creedence to IT arrogance. Did I say Macs? IT doofuses are living in a fool’s paradise if they don’t think their job won’t someday go down in the annals of no longer needed services. It’s not being mean, it’s just reality. But there will no doubt be other avenues of tech jobs that won’t be so invasive on productivity as technology comes up with security methods that don’t need a fleet of numb nuts nazi geek jerks with delusions of power in charge.

              Here’s hoping you DO stay employed in spite of such changes and prosper now and in the future. I wish you all the best.

            4. @Peterblood71. Couldn’t agree more that there are sometimes too many people in charge and involved with IT and too much power. I am not at all sensitive, I think you don’t understand reality outside of Apple and so can never give a balanced argument.

  2. Russ, it is never a good thing to celebrate people’s loss of a job, no matter who they are. They could have kids to feed and homes to pay for. I agree I like Apples success, but I do not like to hear news that someone lost a job. Very close people to me have lost their jobs and have suffered greatly. Some have lost their homes and cars out of NO FAULT of their own. Please enjoy Apples success, but please refrain from celebrating someone loosing the job they may have had for 20 years. It destroys lives and families and NEVER is something to celebrate. There are enough people suffering in this economy as it is. I have been lucky enough to have owned and run three businesses through the years and I am retired at 52 and have been for a couple years. But I helped those loosing their employment with me to find other jobs before I retired. I guess when you work for a large corporation like you do, your all just a number. The people I employed at my companies were people and I appreciated everyone of them. You see because I knew without all their hard work and dedication I would not have been as successful as I was to retire so young. So to close, just remember those people loosing jobs have babies and children to feed and a house to pay for to keep them warm and safe everyday. Thank you in advance if this has helped you think differently about people. And please share these thoughts with your co workers that celebrate someone not being able to raise their family anymore. God Bless and ace a good day and enjoy all your Apple devices.

    1. Lots of Mac and Novell guys lost their jobs when the doofi first moved in. I was one who refused to retrain as a windows admin so switched to entirely different profession instead. I’m sure these newly unemployed doofuses can do the same assuming they’re smart enough.

      It is after all their FAULT for choosing to work with Microsofts corrupt practices.

      1. You complete thicko. They probably did their job because they enjoyed it and the company they worked for and not Microsoft. Perhaps you should go back to school as you are inept at understanding why people choose a profession. You can then retrain to work elsewhere and someone more deserving can do your job instead.

  3. This will also help Mac in enterprise. To manage and trouble shoot the iOS devices you need a Mac. Now IT departments will need to hire staff that knows how to use and service Macs. This will open up Macs for other user in the business. It will make people with Mac experience more desirable and give them a voice in IT departments. If Apple and IBM can snag most of Blackberry’s large customers than Macs will start appearing places we never thought possible.

  4. Sorry for the loose instead of lose. Sometimes it’s spell checks fault, sometimes it’s me just typing too fast. There really is no need for people to keep correcting people’s grammar all the time because we all know these are the reasons, 90% of the time something shows up wrong. Just a thought for the grammar checkers.

  5. Russ, you are again wrong. It isn’t always like that. Some people have been working with windows and Microsoft for a very long time. Some of these people are in their fifties. Companies are not jumping all over the place to higher people at this age in their life. I know some of these people and companies pass over them because of their age and all that goes with hiring someone in their fifties. A few being they are more likely to get sick, probably a bit slower at that age. I could go on and on. I owned three companies, so I think I know a bit about the hiring process. All I asked is that you not celebrate someone losing their job. It can be very devastating for families. I asked that you try to understand, but for some reason you have a hard heart. I will pray for you. It’s a sad day when we feel glory in someone else’s loss.

    1. I and many others easily outdate windows doofi and know first hand what it’s like to be treated as a non-conformist pariah in the workplace by imbecilic new comers.

      These people you seek to defend deserve no sympathy in my personal experience. Most aren’t even adequately educated beyond windows certs that were obtained in a lot of cases fraudulently. They directly caused more anxiety, stress and workplace loathing than you can possibly imagine.

  6. Russ, once again you are wrong. You are speaking for all of them. Trust me, not all of them are what you say. Have a heart already. Karma, will hit you when you least expect it. That is not my wish, but it is a fact of life. Sometimes what we wish wrong,y upon others, has a sneaky way of hitting us. You cannot generalize and speak for everyone. I will tell you their are many innocent ones who showed up everyday and just did their job. The one they have been doing for 20 years or more. Of they lose their job and can’t get another one then what? Then they get some temporary assistance from the good ole government, then you will be the first one to open your mouth and look down on them. You need to do some serious soul searching. No I am not even close to be a bleeding heart liberal. I am actually a conservative with a heart for our fellow man and Americans. It is time we all start caring for each other again. This Country has become way too divided and angry. Let’s get back to caring for one another and helping each other out. If we all did our Country would be stronger and better again. Again I will pray for you. You just keep making excuses why it’s good for someone to lose their job and make their kids suffer and family suffer. Please understand we are all human and not everything that happens in ones life is something they can control. Maybe you haven’t experienced someone you know or love losing their job out of no fault of their own. Believe me it is devastating for the whole family, not just for the guy that lost his job. I will stop posting and just hope one day you come to understand how devastating it is on a family and society for that matter when people lose their jobs.

      1. Feather, I know he lost the point. It just bothers me that someone could be so evil. I just was trying to knock some common sense into his brain. It behooves me that their are people out there that get such joy out of someone else’s pain. I really think he has some physiological problems. I just can’t bring myself to believe someone could be that heartless and be normal.

        1. Lou, please stick around. You’re the kind of American the people of the world have forgotten about. Thank you for reminding us there are still a few of you and what you represent is worth defending.

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