Apple+IBM showcase a bold new enterprise mobile app frontier

“Apple and IBM announced a partnership to help companies build better mobile apps in July. The partnership offered services that ranged from procuring and managing devices to actual application development,” Maribel Lopez reports for Forbes. “Today, the two companies released the initial fruits of their labors. I met with Apple and IBM in Cupertino to discuss the team’s progress and review the new apps. The apps are simple, intuitive and visually clean.”

“It was clear from my meeting that the collaboration was more than a press release partnership. Each company has dedicated resources to the effort and they work together as a team,” Lopez reports. “The collaboration combines IBM’s extensive enterprise knowledge and technology solutions with Apple’s user experience prowess to deliver a set of highly usable, transactional and contextual mobile enterprise applications. The solutions are available to enterprise customers in banking, retail, insurance, financial services, telecommunications and governments. The companies also announced several clients that include Air Canada , Banorte, Citi and Sprint.”

“These apps are not merely updates or an evolution of existing PC apps. These apps are an entirely new species,” Lopez reports. “The apps that Apple and IBM have announced as part of their collaboration illustrate what an enterprise mobile first app should look like.”

Much more in the full article here.

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    1. As someone with a good friend at IBM who works in mobile technology, I can tell you this announcement, and the alliance in general, is absolutely huge for IBM. Apparently it is all over the internal employee pages today. Big time. IBM brings sophisticated analytics, and in-transaction analytics, great connectivity technologies, and super security. Add that to the great Apple designers, best practices, the elegance of iOS as a mobile platform and you have an unstoppable juggernaut. As soon as a business sees one of these apps in person they are blown away, sold immediately. Big businesses. Millions of users. Some of the apps are already downloadable inside IBM in their pre-customized form where the customizations are what each enterprise adds as their own. This is bigger than we already know! Massive for both companies.

  1. but….butttt.but..but…butttttt Apple is doomed…..there is nothing left for Apple to invent, create, or re-configure……..Samsung has all the market share………appppppppple is doooooooooooomed…….
    OR Maybe NOT!!

  2. Once the enterprise is conquered Andriod will fade….and then ShameSung will be back to where they were pre 2011, mainly selling home appliances and memory chips…can’t wait for the Jan earnings call to see how much more beleaguered ShameSung will be.

  3. There is one thing that dooms Android in the enterprise space.

    Security, security and more security.

    And iPhone-iPad has the high end quality lead in high net worth customers in corporations which certainly helps.

  4. “I expect many companies will say these apps don’t reflect the complexity of their process or the challenges in their industry.”

    Huh? I don’t think the author understands what these apps represent? These aren’t “shrink wrapped” solutions, the whole point is to allow clients to work with IBM to build custom applications in the above mentioned areas. For christ’s sake, THAT’S what IBM does!!! The “apps” that are shown are just demonstrations of what one might look like and might be capable of.

  5. Before retiring 3 years ago, I remember using VisiCalc at home on my Apple IIe, and thinking…wow…this has some real uses in the work environment. Enter Lotus 123, and Excel.

    If people cannot see the power of mobile apps and digital dashboards at your fingertips, they need to also retire. These are not your 99¢ App Store apps, but tailored for your business after painstakingly excluding all the crap that really does not matter for making decisions.

    The Excel gurus may need to learn a few new tricks.

  6. Imagine how quickly the whole world could progress if everyone co-operated like this… (sigh…)

    Instead, we get rampant theft, dog-eat-dog behaviour, back-stabbing, etc. with the occasional glimpse of honesty and real co-operation.

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