Apple debuts new iPhone- and celebrity-packed ad for Beats Solo2 headphones

Apple has debuted a new TV ad for their Beats Electronics headphones that also features iPhone 6.

Called “#SoloSelfie,” the ad features various celebrities taking selfies with their Apple iPhone 6 smartphones while wearing Beats headphones.

The ad features Serena Williams, Kenan Thompson, Kendall Jenner, and Big Sean, among others.


Direct link to video here.

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    1. Apple doesn’t need the desperate losing ad ploys Shamstung uses putting down the competition. Attempting to tear down others only shows your own insecurity and fear which eventually comes home to roost as it is now. Turkey ads, phones, strategies, etc. have all come home to roost. Without any gravy.

    1. The same here, but I liked he song, and the commercial is probably effective for a younger crowd. I remember many years ago when I swore to myself that I would never be a clueless old fogey like the previous generations of my parents and grandparents.

      That didn’t pan out exactly how I thought it would.

    2. better off not knowing. most are trashy people, who make a name for themselves doing things you’d be embarrassed doing, wearing or saying.

      I don’t like some of the people Apple is getting in bed with

      Stay classy Apple!

    3. I can fully relate to your statement. I didn’t recognize a single person either. If someone had pointed out each one by name, I might have been able to say, “Oh that’s what ‘so-and’so’ looks like.”, but looking at it without a key or help left me thinking they were a bunch of “extras” hired just for the commercial.

      It’s nice to see I’m not alone.

      Yet, I refuse to get old. I don’t mind getting “older”. It sure beats the alternative (no pun intended in reference to the commercial or product). I just refuse to get old.

      But then, people I work with sometimes ask me what it was like to ride dinosaurs or how was dirt made (because I’m supposedly older than dirt).

    4. I am admittedly old but I recognized all of them. It helps to have teenagers who are free about sharing pop culture references when we talk.

      Plus, I have always been unbelievably hip.

    1. Kendall Jenner is creepy only because of the whacky family that she is part of, but in the world of modeling she has become quite successful. She is now “the Face” of Estee Lauder, which in her world, is a big deal. In her own right she is no different from a Christi Brinkley or a Cheryl Tiegs from an earlier era. (my era).

      Even so, I didn’t recognize her or anyone else in the commercial. Still, I liked it.

  1. It’s ok if you don’t know any of the people in this ad, you are not the target demographic for these headphones. Beats are for the style over substance crowd. Sennheiser, Grado, Beyerdynamic, are for those who know better and care what they sound like.

    1. I keep hearing this from the anti Apple crowd. “Beats headphones are crap. If you want *real* headphones, get XYZ headphones.”

      While Beats headphones are not the best technically and are likely never to be used by extreme audiophiles or the most adept studio operations people, they are *not* bad. Read the technical reviews in detail and filter out the biases in the texts. There are many other brands out there that are much more “style over capability” than the best Beats units.

      1. First I am not anti Apple, quite the opposite all my computers are Mac’s plus iPhones and iPads, hell I used to work for Apple. My comments were aimed at those who did not know any of the people in the ad. The ad was aimed at those more concerned with who is wearing them than what they sound like. Beats are not the worst headphones out there and might even fall into the not bad category if they where $50 but at the price they are selling for there are far better options. I sincerely hope that now being owned by Apple they will improve the sound quality.

        1. The talk about the sound quality of Beats headphones has made me curious since Apple acquired them. The recent positive comments I’ve seen on the new Solo2 models gave me the incentive to give them a try.

          Apple has them for $200 but they are available on eBay for $160 so I ordered today. They didn’t have the gray color I would have preferred so I settled for blue.

          I’m anxious to give them a try, although I haven’t tried anything since my Sony and Sennheiser phones I bought in the ’90s. Heck, I still have my first Koss phones I bought in the early ’70s. Most times I just use Apple earbuds with my MacBook Pro; not exactly quality audio.

          As a side note, eBay had $100 iTunes gift cards for $75. Got a couple for the wife for her birthday this month.

    2. How you rate the sound of headphones or earphones is entirely personal. I bought a pair of Etymotic ER6i’s on the strength of positive reviews, even bought custom eartips, but I was left very underwhelmed by their lack of bass. I bought Ultimate Ears ‘phones which broke after months of use, so ended up with Shure SE 215’s and UE SuperFi and TripleFi ‘phones, because they all had replaceable cables.
      That still left me with a very expensive pair of ‘phones I never used, so I looked around for a way to EQ them that was better than the shonky EQ on my phone, and found an app called EQu. Outstanding!
      It put back the missing bass, and made me wonder about headphones.
      I like the look of Beats Solo HD’s, they’re styling is clean and simple, they fold down neatly, and they have an easily replaced cable, so I bought a pair from ebay.
      They’re fantastic ‘phones, really comfy, and with a bit of tweaking in EQu, they sound terrific, lots of good deep bass, well detailed vocals, and bright top-end.
      All they need is a curve lifting vocals and top-end from around 250Hz, and a bit of a lift at the very bottom end.
      Stock B&W P5/7’s sound dull by comparison, and the hifi mags love them.
      The point is, all audio equipment, speakers, headphones and earphones are biased towards a particular market, which does NOT make them rubbish, just not aimed at someone who listens to jazz, acoustic/roots or classical.
      With a good EQ app, like EQu, any headphone/earphone can be adjusted to suit whatever music tastes the owner has.

  2. These comments probably explains why we didn’t understand why Apple bought Beats. Also reveals what a bunch of old farts are reading MDN on Thanksgiving Day. I feel sad. And old.

          1. I still like Ike. Wish the Republicans would run as good a candidate these days. But I wasn’t old enough to vote for him.

            If you ever get a chance to visit the Eisenhower Museum in Aitchison, KS, do it. (It’s only about 50mi off of I-70 so you won’t have to slow down too much.) You’ll understand how the Allies were able to invade Normandy. They were a smart, bold and brave bunch of people.

  3. where are the Mac ads Apple ?

    — new macs, new lower cost macs (retina iMacs, mac mini etc)
    – Yosemite (most advanced consumer PC os)
    — Macs massive sales surprise boosting stock last quarter
    — Win 8 reeling, PC users low hanging fruit
    — Mac business larger than Dell, sony , HP, Lenovo’s PC business COMBINED.


    yet no serious mac campaigns but I saw Bono iTunes soooooo many times on TV the last few months?

    what’s up Apple?

      1. huh?

        did you see a SERIOUS Mac campaign for the last FEW YEARS?
        so Macs are NEVER in season?
        (only Mac ad recently was the Stickies ads which never ran on TV in my area unlike Bono iTunes which like i said ran all the time).

        also Macs do have the high sales during the Christmas season, go look at the financial reports. If you wanted to give a love one a Mac when is it most likely besides Back to School and Birthdays? Coincidentally I gave my wife a macbook pro last Christmas. (some people would rather give a kid a mac for christmas rather than to buy one for ‘back to school’ and then buy another gift for Christmas… )

        Apple used to run Mac ads like the massive Mac PC guys campaign ALL the time . Mac PC guys had 66 separate Ads in just 4 years !! (like more than 10 separate ads a year) The last one was in 2009. They were also special CHRISTMAS Mac Pc guy ads like “Goodwill”.

        and don’t tell me that Mac business is too ‘small’ now as they sell more macs today than in 2009 and don’t tell me Bono iTunes is much more important than Yosemite, Retina iMac, Mac manufacturing in the USA, cheap mac minis, Windows 8 meltdown etc.

        personally I think defending ‘no mac ads’ is like defending ‘we don’t need small iPads or large iPhones’ –i.e sometimes apple needs get a move on…

    1. That’s a fairly common glitch with that model, but it’s a very easy fix.

      First, hold it under running warm tap water for five minutes; make sure it’s warm, not hot or cold.

      Next, douse it liberally with WD40, which is made for water displacement. Be sure to squirt into the power and earbud ports.

      Then put it in the microwave for 3 to 4 minutes at the popcorn setting. Do not exceed 5 minutes maximum.

      I guarantee that after this your iPhone will never give you another problem.

      1. I really did not think you were serious but I tried your suggestions anyhow. You were right! The iP5S no longer exhibits that problem. I get audio now on my Samsung phone /s

  4. It’s a great advert, and oddly enough it’s because I don’t recognize virtually anyone in the video. By which I mean it’s not aiming at the techy-sort of niche, but instead a more popular culture one. It’s a market that I have never seen Apple even approach, never mind dive into.

    It’s a really good sign and shows potentially where the Beats purchase can take the entire company.

  5. I like the ad — and like the fact that no one was identified. If you don’t know them, they’re just a bunch of cool kids. If you DO know them, how cool it is to be “in the know.”

    That said, the spot made me a little queasy with all the spinning and zooming. Maybe that’s just me.

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