Wall Street Journal: Apple’s iPhone 6 the best smartphone

“Right now is the single best time of the year to buy a smartphone,” Joanna Stern writes for The Wall Street Journal. “It may sound like something you’d read in a weekly circular, but it’s true: All the smartphone makers have released their best wares in preparation for the big holiday buying season. Some can be found at their lowest prices, especially this Friday and Monday.”

“After gathering and testing 25 current smartphones, evaluating everything from battery life to call quality to camera performance, I’ve come up with a list of winners,” Stern writes. “These are the only phones you should consider.”

Best Overall Smartphone: iPhone 6

Since my two-year Verizon contract was already up, I bought an iPhone 6 at launch (along with millions of other people). It may sound cliché, but the newest iPhone is still the most well-rounded smartphone money can buy.

It has a polished, aluminum hardware design, an enlarged 4.7-inch screen, superior camera performance, good call quality, a great selection of apps and strong battery life. All that made me feel confident—more so than any other phone—that I was buying a phone that could get me through the next two years. Two months in and I have no regrets.

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


  1. Lots of lost rabid Fandroid on there with delusions of superiority grandeur despite their 32 bit Antique Dealer phones. They assume the article was “paid for by Apple” as is their typical disingenuous stance when losing the argument. They still bring up ancient (& irrelevant for years now) Apple phone arguments like “holding it the right way”, iOS update issues (cleared up in a day or two) while conveniently neglecting the more recent Android Lipstick update debacle and the fact megapixels aren’t as important as a larger sensor and better color technology. Apple iPhone 6 camera’s have gotten huge kudos over the competition. Their Android screens have crap color gamut but like smoke and mirrors they love the extra inaccurate color saturation.

    Geektards indeed, and tech-blind as bats.

  2. I find it difficult to understand why people spend time writing in to brag about their phone. If the phone works for you…what’s the issue. You evaluate phones based upon your criteria…others evaluate phones based upon theirs.

    1. Tom, use an Android phone for a month, the best one you can find.

      Tom, now use an iPhone 6 for a month.

      If you still think the Android phone is the best, I know a damn good Neurosurgeon who will give you a decent price on a badly needed brain scan.

      1. While I think the iPhone is best for most people, including me and those I love, there is no need to be arrogant about it. Its ok if some people find something else better for them.

        Of course, there are a lot less of those people now that the iPhone 6/+ eliminated the big screen advantage.

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