Beleaguered Samsung mulls management shake-up after profit slump

“Samsung Electronics is considering a major change in leadership after a slump in its mobile unit caused profits to plunge in the latest quarter, according to a published media report,” TheStreet reports.

“The Korea-based consumer electronics company is mulling a plan to remove co-chief executive and mobile head J.K. Shin from his current role at the helm of the company’s mobile business, The Wall Street Journal reported,” TheStreet reports. “One option Samsung is considering is shifting responsibility for the mobile unit to co-CEO B.K. Yoon, who currently oversees Samsung’s home-appliance and TV business, the report said, citing people close to the situation.”

TheStreet reports, “The management reshuffle plans come as Samsung’s once high-flying mobile business has lost share both to Apple’s iPhone and to newer players that are offering more affordable smartphones, causing Samsung’s profits to fall to a three-year low in the latest third quarter.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Gee, that’s too bad. 🙂

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “David E.” for the heads up.]


  1. Thanks Samsung. We now have big screen iPhones.
    I know, I also didn’t believe Tim Cook when he said Apple were going to bring out big phones.
    But life’s a bitch. Now you can go away.

    1. HTC started the huge screen trend. Scamsung followed like they always do.

      Of course the originator of big touchscreens remains Apple. The 3.5 inch iPhone was incredibly roomy at the time, even laughably so according to competitors. Without the iPhone there is no HTC Evo or Galaxy SII. Apple simply reclaimed its throne.

  2. The thing is, this didn’t happen because of bad management, it happened because of bad STRATEGY. They are getting eaten by iPhone from above and cheap handsets from below. That’s the exact result of their copycat strategy, which they did a good job executing on. These same managers were no doubt being celebrated a year ago.

    So okay, rearrange the deck chairs on your sinking ship, Samsung.

  3. From the Samsung Management Guide:
    Open front cover. Remove cartridge. Shake gently from side to side. Rotate forward and back. Reinsert cartridge. Close front cover. Resume copying.
    … Replace “cartridge” with “management”.

  4. Sorry to hear that Samdung……….


    Big screen iPhones will do more damage to SS than ANY litigation!

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