iPhone 6: The 5 best reasons to buy one

“The iPhone 6 stands toe to toe with the best of 2014 and it does so with aplomb. In design, performance, camera and battery it does more than pass,” Jay McGregor writes for Forbes. “Where other devices might have one standout feature and other serious failings elsewhere, the iPhone 6 is competent across the board with several standout features.”

“The popularity of the iPhone 6 means that accessory manufacturers are constantly scrambling to ride Apple’s coattails. Other devices and manufacturers simply don’t have the same breadth of accessories to support their devices,” McGregor writes. “The iPhone 6 accessory market far outtstrips any other newly released handset. There are simply far more ways to customise and protect your iPhone than any other handset.”

McGregor writes, “The quality of any camera on a smartphone is open to much debate, and labelling a single one as ‘the best’ is a serious cause of contention. But that’s exactly what lens and camera experts DxO Labs did back in September, naming the iPhone 6 camera as the king of the competition.”

More reasons in the full article here.

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    1. Actually, it is. Crack open the case and you will find a Samsung chip inside. Sad, but true. Until Apple replaces them for chip fab, you’re going to have to deal with your twisted panties for a while to come. Apparently, we’ll also have to deal with your juvenile intentional misspelling that lends Apple fans their arrogant condescending reputation too. Keep it classy if you want Apple to be respected.

      1. When you “crack open an iPhone” you’ll actually find a custom designed Apple A8 chip. The manufacturing procedure of these chips is shared by TMSC and Samsung. A necessary evil, kind of like the donkeys that carry diamonds from the mines to the jewellers. Apple does great design for both hardware and software, then all the “donkey'” work is completed by the highest bidder.

      2. Samsung deserves no respect. Samsung does deserves all the negative press they get and then some. Apple is superior to Samsung in every way that counts. Thats not an opinion. Stating facts is neither arrogant nor condescending.

      3. It’s kinda funny that you make the argument that Apple might not be respected if breeze doesn’t “keep it classy” here on the MDN comment threads. I didn’t realize the stakes of these comments were so high! 😛

  1. The 6 or 6+ is on my list for this coming year. I also plan on picking up one or two Apple watches, a 5K iMac, a 12″ iPad, and perhaps an Apple TV.

    We already have an original iPod, 4 iPhones, 2012 iMac 27, 15″ retina MBP, 2 iPads ….

    IMHO you should buy Apple stock, now because you may not be able to afford it after the Holiday season.

    1. When Appl released the first iPod the share price was $18
      The iPod cost $399.
      If you had purchased stock rather than the iPod with the same money you would be seriuosly better off today !

      1. Actually, the share price was significantly lower than $18. It was around $10, but that was before the recent 7:1 split. Adjusted for split, it was around $1.2. At the time, you could have bought over 300 shares of Apple (today worth over $35,000).

        1. No. You can web search the share price on the day they released the 1st Gen iPod. Since when there has be a 2:1 stock split and more recently a 7:1 split
          so that’s 310 shares in todays volumes or $36K ( less $ value depreciation of course)

          1. I think you are right; I forgot about the split of 2005. My math regarding the value remains correct (although yours is a bit more accurate).

            The value of AAPL has gone up almost 100-fold from the day thei introduced the original iPod (end of October 2001).

            The point of the original message remains quite powerful: if instead of spending $400 on the original iPod, you bough AAPL stock with the same amount of money, you’d have over $35k today. That’s plenty of nice Apple gear!

  2. I love my new iPhone 6, so much so that I’m conflicted as to whether I should get a case or not. With my old 4S, there was no question – the square edges didn’t feel great to hold, and the glass back meant it slid off every thing I set it on. A case really completed the phone. But the 6? It looks great, feels great to hold, and isn’t crazy slippery.

    The only reason I can think to get a case would be to protect the back from scratches. Don’t know if it’s worth it.


  3. I have been playing with Swift. The documentation Apple has provided is really good if you know Cocoa already from coding in objective-c. I looked in Amazon. The first book I am going to buy is due out in January. I did not see The Big Nerd Ranch pre-announcing anything on Amazon. Their books are typical very well written.

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