Apple+IBM project ready to mobilize the enterprise

“Four months after the landmark Apple-IBM MobileFirst enterprise collaboration was announced, the project appears to be ready to go. In Apple’s October 20 fiscal 4th quarter financials conference call, Apple CEO Tim Cook allowed that, ‘Developer teams have been working closely to develop the first wave of MobileFirst solutions, and these solutions will be ready for customers beginning next month,'” Chales Moore writes for Technology Tell. “So, now that we’re halfway through ‘next month,’ we can reasonably presume that an announcement must be imminent and a special press event with a keynote presentation being a strong likelihood.”

“IBM has posted a MobileFirst Website outlining a four-pronged emphasis for its Magic Quadrant for Mobile Application Development Platforms mobile business software program: Build, Protect, Engage, and Transform. IBM notes that mobile devices ‘have transformed our personal lives,’ and that soon, ‘they’ll transform the way we work,'” Moore writes. “IBM and Apple are joining forces to bring businesses the devices, services, security, and integration they need to exploit the full potential of mobility.”

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  1. I don’t see a special event for this. Enterprise solutions don’t need huge exposure since it is usually industry and company specific. Not for public exposure in that way. There is a great deal of confidential software solutions that need to be protected from competitors.

  2. IBM I hate to say is going to fsck it up. You just can’t trust these idiots. They eagerly bought into the outsourcing mantra and now they’re paralysed by widespread ineptitude and incompetence.

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