In major strategy shift, Microsoft Office enables free editing on iPads and iPhones

“In a significant change for its flagship software applications, and a potentially risky move for its business, Microsoft will let users create and edit documents without a paid subscription in its Word, Excel and PowerPoint apps on iPhone, iPad and [eventually] Android phones and tablets,” Todd Bishop reports for GeekWire.

“The change, announced this morning, makes Microsoft more competitive by eliminating one of the biggest criticisms of the Office apps for iPad — the requirement to pay for an annual Office 365 subscription of $69.99/year or $99.99/year for editing functionality,” Bishop reports. “In addition, the company updated its Office apps for iPhone to adopt the user interface that was first rolled out for iPad.”

“Microsoft will still require an Office 365 subscription for advanced mobile editing such as fine-tuned customization of fonts charts, tables, and pictures in the Office apps, as well as business collaboration features. Office 365 subscriptions also come with large amounts of OneDrive storage,” Bishop reports. “But the change puts a major chunk of Microsoft’s revenue at risk, by delivering free functionality that will be good enough for many users.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Panic has set in at Redmond. Obviously, they’ve seen the numbers and the numbers drove them to this. But, Microsoft just might be too late. Due to their deer-in-the-headlights “management” inaction, they’ve already taught huge numbers of former customers that Office is simply not necessary and, in fact, inferior to Apple’s integrated-across-platforms Pages, Numbers, and Keynote applications for iOS and OS X.

As we’ve been explaining for some time now:

• iPad and iPhone are already firmly ensconced into the Fortune 500 and SMB without Microsoft’s bloated morass of insecure spaghetti-code. The world is rapidly learning that it can live without Office and, by failing to pollute iOS devices with their crapware, Microsoft is spreading the news better than anyone.MacDailyNews, January 30, 2013

• The more people who learn the fact that they do not need Office and the quicker they learn it, the better. For all we care (being 100% Microsoft free for as long as we can remember) wait until you’re dead, Microsoft. The world would be a better place without you and your ilk.MacDailyNews, March 1, 2013

• The longer Microsoft dithers, the more people wake up to the fact that Office is not necessary. iPad is taking the enterprise by storm. No Microsoft Office needed. Take your time, dummies.MacDailyNews, April 10, 2013

• Microsoft had a chance to preserve one of their cash cows by making Office for iOS and Android. That window of opportunity is closing, if it hasn’t already. The world has or soon will realize that, no, actually you do not need Microsoft Office to word process or create spreadsheets and presentations. The failure to create Office for iOS and Android in a misguided push to sell tablets and phones running Microsoft OSes will be looked at as one of, if not the, biggest mistake Microsoft made during their ill-fated attempt to recover after being repeatedly, unmercifully steamrolled by Apple’s Steve Jobs with the iPhone, iPad, iCloud, App Store and the rest of the formidable iOS ecosystem.MacDailyNews, July 12, 2013


  1. Not really news. No-one has to access a Word document unless they have friends or companies who are still using Windows.

    The funny thing is, no Windows user seems to have checked whether there are other text editors or DTP software available for Windows. Anybody?

  2. Any professional already knows cheap and free programs like Numbers and Open Office Calculator are NOT on par with Excel.

    Pros know that, candy Apple kiddies, well you know.

    As others have pointed out Apple’s diddly efforts in iWorks, iWeb, iMovie, iDVD etc. are not seriously supported or developed.

    Cognizant of their track record, who knows the day when Apple will simply announce more programs are slated to disappear in the dustbin of history …

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