Apple details plans to take over your office

“More than three months after Apple and IBM announced a partnership for business solutions, Apple has posted to its website a new AppleCare for Enterprise page touting onsite hardware repairs from IBM Global Technology Services, now a worldwide Apple Authorized Service Provider,” Mikey Campbell reports for AppleInsider.

“The AppleCare for Enterprise website offers a rundown of services, coverage and support business owners can expect when signing up for the program,” Campbell reports. “While not an official announcement, the webpage suggests Apple’s IBM partnership is in the first stages of rolling out to enterprise customers, as promised by Apple CEO Tim Cook during the company’s most recent quarterly conference call.”

“As for IBM’s involvement, the company is providing assistance with IBM MobileFirst for iOS apps, a suite of custom designed software tailored for the needs of individual markets,” Campbell reports. “IBM will also facilitate onsite hardware repairs within one business day, while Apple handles next-day device replacements covering up to 10 percent of a company’s total iPhones and iPads. ”

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[Attribution: CNBC]

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  1. Nobody, but nobody outside of the Apple Board Room knows what all Apple has up it’s sleeve. But I would venture a guess that as the world’s largest public company, their vision goes way beyond making phones, tablets, and music players.

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