Living with an Apple iPhone 6 Plus

“I’ve spent the past month living with an Apple iPhone 6 Plus, and not too surprisingly, I’m incredibly impressed,” Michael Miller writes for PC Magazine. “The iPhone 6 Plus has a 5.5-inch 1,920-by-1,080 screen, compared with the 4.7-inch 1,334-by-750 display in the iPhone 6 and the 4-inch 1,133-by-640 ones in the iPhone 5 family. So not only is it bigger, it is higher resolution with higher dots per inch. The result is that Web pages, videos, and applications all look better (and like the iPhone 6, you get six rows of four icons per screen as opposed to five with the previous generation.)”

“The phone has rounded edges all over and a metal case that looks terrific. It certainly looks and feels like a premium device, and the thinness and rounded corners make it fit more easily into a pocket,” Miller writes. “I’ve also been pretty happy with battery life: the larger battery seems to make the phone last longer in most situations. For typical use with a fair amount of browsing and email but few phone calls, I find I can get away with charging it every other day, which is pretty good.”

“If you’re considering which iPhone to use, the 6 is better if you’re looking for something smaller, but still offers a big step up from the 5c and 5s,” Miller writes. “But if you’re willing to carry a larger phone, my guess is you’ll find the bigger display area quite handy for all sorts of tasks. To me, the 6 Plus with the 5.5-inch screen takes up more space but is absolutely worth it.”

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  1. Like everyone, I wondered if the iP6+ would be too large. It isn’t. The only time I’m aware of its size is when some clown says, “Wow, that’s a huge phone.”

    And then I show them an underwater video and the discussion ends.

  2. Like a lot of folks I thought that the iPhone 6 (not +) would be too big. I loved my 5s and did not believe I needed a bigger phone. However, my kids love for me to upgrade every year so they can get my hand me downs so I upgraded to the 6 and WOW – I LOVE it. It still fits in my front pants pocket and my shirt pockets. I love the screen and the upgrade to 64 gig is a HUGE benefit. For the first time I’m now wondering if my “6s” will be a “6s+”.

    I am shocked how tiny the 5s looks now and I wonder how I ever used such a small phone 🙂

  3. It doesn’t look any more ‘premium’ than the iPod Touch that foreshadowed it. Project the adjective you choose upon it- it is just a metal case, dude.

    The 6 Plus is a nice device for someone with a purse or bag to carry it in.

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