Former Android head Andy Rubin leaving Google

“Andy Rubin, co-founder and former leader of Google Inc.’s Android mobile business and the current head of its nascent robotics effort, is leaving the Internet giant, the company said Thursday,” Alistair Barr reports for The Wall Street Journal. “Mr. Rubin is starting an incubator for startups interested in building technology hardware products.”

“Google acquired Android in 2005,” Barr reports. “He switched from that role to lead a series of robotics acquisitions for Google in 2013. ‘I want to wish Andy all the best with what’s next,’ Google CEO Larry Page said in a statement. ‘With Android he created something truly remarkable— with a billion-plus happy users. Thank you.'”

MacDailyNews Take: Oh, yes, truly remarkable, in a sense, but Andy did precious little “creation,” rather much appropriation.

Here’s what Google’s Android looked like before and after Apple’s iPhone:
Google Android before and after Apple iPhone

“Google executive Sundar Pichai took over Android from Mr. Rubin in early 2013,” Barr reports. “Mr. Pichai is considered a more open, collaborative executive more suited to the task of keeping Android’s various partners, including handset makers and wireless-network operators, in the fold.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Andy Rubin is nothing more than a reactionary mimic, and not a very good one at that.

“Holy crap! I guess we’re not going to ship that phone.” – Google’s Android chief Andy Rubin, moments after Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone on January 9, 2007

Here’s what cellphones looked like before and after Apple’s iPhone:
cellphones before and after Apple iPhone

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  1. Android… truly remarkable? In what way would it be remarkable? We’ll know more about how happy Android users have been as we see how the iPhone 6 Plus effects worldwise sales of Android phones.

    A lesson not yet learned by Google execs, saying something is so does not make it true.

    1. Truly remarkable for the blatant level of IP theft that has basically gone unpunished by the so-called “justice” systems of the world. Truly remarkable that so many people are saddled with such impaired morals as to reward obvious thieves with their business.

  2. It was obvious they were just biding their time ever since kicking Rubin off Android. They did this because he is hard to get alone with and because he is responsible for all the stolen code causing major lawsuits adjacent Android manufacturers.

  3. Bye Bye the Dangerous AndyBot OS maker.
    Once an Apple Employee, who ran away with ideas from Apple to challenge the iPhone – who should have been under a 5 to 7 year contractual agreement – if he ever leaves Apple : to NOT use, create or develop ideas learnt from Apple and not to challenge or compete for that duration of time. Andy, who stole code for Android OS, which was to be an Open Source development but heavily used altered java code and direct copied code without permission from Oracle. Android is a clone of iOS as close as possible – just like Windows was to Mac.
    Andy, said Siri was a stupid thing for a phone to have – yet adopts with third party a competitive alternative.

    … happy to see you leave Google Andy – Android will die faster.

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