How to punish Walmart, CVS, Rite Aid, and others who block Apple Pay

Beyond simply refusing to shop in their stores, if you find yourself in a store you didn’t know was blocking Apple Pay or if you have no other alternative, “when a CVS, a Rite Aid, or another store rejects your phone payment, you can punish them by socking them with transaction fees,” Rob Pegoraro reports for Yahoo Tech. “Instead of using their mobile payment system, whip out your credit card. And not just any credit card, but one with a higher transaction fee.”

“Say you’ve got three cards handy: a regular Visa, a fancier Visa labeled ‘Signature Preferred,’ and an American Express. The first can cost between 1.15 to 1.65 percent for the merchant to accept, the second raises that to 2.1 to 2.4 percent, and the AmEx runs from 2.89 to 3.2 percent,” Pegoraro reports.
(AmEx can pull that off because of its record of attracting spendier shoppers, but it’s not alone in employing this strategy.) Using MasterCard instead? Its ‘World’ cards also cost extra, though not as much.”

“And since most of these premium cards reward your spending with cash or points back, the word for using them to punish a control-freak merchant can be not just ‘priceless,’ but ‘profitable,'” Pegoraro reports. “Perhaps the retailers will get the message and begin to once again let customers pay for goods the way they want to.”

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MacDailyNews Take: First and foremost, don’t shop at any Apple Pay blockers, but if you’re stuck, this is a good alternative. We plan to AMEX the ever-living crap out of any retailer we find that’s artificially blocking Apple Pay.

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  1. This all sounds so petty on all sides, like a religious war. MacDonalds, Walmart, RiteAid and Amazon go for high-volume, low-income shoppers. If they think refusing ApplePay is a way to increase profits, let them do so. If you think the exhausting and tiring effort of finding your American Express card and (I’m tired just thinking about it) swiping it (I’m pooped now!) and then collapsing from exhaustion because you have to sign something, well, all that instead of two taps on a phone? You won’t have to boycott these stores, you won’t go there anymore because it will wear you out!!!!

  2. Jeez, some people must have a lot of spare brain cells to concoct all these nefarious ways to strike back at stores that don’t accept ApplePay.

    Me – I’m too busy actually living a life to get caught up in crap like this.

  3. I’m tired of my card numbers stolen, so Apple pay was a god send for me. I have my Wells Fargo Debit card and Amex card attached. I’d use my debit car with Apple Pay and no fees for walmart. Now I’ll just use my Amex, open my Amex and pay the bill immediately and stick it to the retailer. Now they’ll pay fees they normally won’t from me.

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