Digital Trends reviews Apple’s OS X Yosemite: ‘The perfect desktop operating system’

“Unlike Windows, which fully embraced a mobile-ish interface, but failed to bring desktop-friendly mobile features along for the ride, OS X Yosemite is dedicated to serving notebook and desktop users,” Matt Smith writes for Digital Trends. “At the same time, it adds mobile functionality where it matters. The result is a wonderful operating system that provides the best of both worlds without slipping into a compromised, hybridized approach.”

“Nothing in Yosemite is a better example of its approach to mobile integration than Continuity, which is a phrase that includes four separate features,” Smith writes. “Continuity lets Mac owners with an iPhone send text messages and make phone calls directly from their computer. It also lets any Mac owner with an iOS device transfer app sessions between devices with a single touch. Setting up Continuity is as simple as ticking a checkbox, and the feature is turned on by default. Your Mac, iPhone, and iPad should ‘just work’ together if they’re all connected to a common iCloud account, and they’re within Bluetooth range of each other.”

“Mac OS X Yosemite is an excellent operating system that deftly adds mobile features without compromising the function of the desktop space. In this sense, it’s light-years ahead of Windows 8.1. Continuity, Spotlight, and the new version of Safari are way ahead of the default features Microsoft provides in Windows… this free update is clearly better than Windows 8.1, and is also a major leap forward from OS X Mavericks,” Smith writes. “OS X Yosemite is the perfect desktop operating system for people who just want to get stuff done.”

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