How to make cellular phone calls from your iPad

“If you have both a modern iPhone and iPad (or iPod touch 5G) running iOS 8, you can make a voice phone call from your iPad, using your iPhone’s cellular connection without ever touching the iPhone,” John Martellaro reports for the Mac Observer. “It’s easy to set it up.”

“Let’s say you’re in the living room watching TV and your iPad is in your lap,” Martellaro reports. “Your iPhone is in the kitchen on a charger. You need to make a phone call. Instead of getting up to fetch the iPhone, you can make the call right from your iPad.”

“You must have both an iPad (or iPod touch) and iPhone running iOS 8,” Martellaro reports. “There are a few Setting to adjust, but once you set it up, you won’t need to fiddle any further… Now you’re all set. On the iPad, tap a phone number in Contacts, Calendar or Safari.”

More info and simple setup notes in the full article here.

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