Apple’s 64-bit iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5s are tougher than Samsung’s 32-bit Galaxy S5

“Apple has gone bigger and better with its latest iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6 smartphones,” Anu Passary reports for Tech Times. “A new study reveals that the devices are sturdier than the iPhone 5s and Samsung Galaxy S5.”

“The study was conducted by SquareTrade, which provides protection plans for smartphone users. SquareTrade observed the durability of four smartphones: Samsung Galaxy S5, iPhone 6, iPhone 6Plus and iPhone 5s,” Passary reports. “The company based its observations on eight primary factors, such as weight, size, quality of the rear and front panels and grip. SquareTrade also measured how further the smartphones in question slid when they were pushed while on their back. The endurance of the devices, upon being dropped from a height of 4 feet and submerged for 10 seconds in water, was also gauged.”

“The findings reveal that the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 performed the best out of the lot on several tests, which gauged the susceptibility of smartphones to accidents and damage. Not far behind in the durability scales was the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus,” Passary reports. “Another Apple smartphone, last year’s model iPhone 5s, also fared better than Android when it came to toughness. The 4-inch iPhone 5s ousted the 5.1-inch Samsung Galaxy S5, which fared poorly on plenty of tests…”

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    1. You missed the part in the Consumer’s Report on the Note 3. It took more pounds of pressure than any of the others phones, but it was the only one that didn’t work after the tests were done.

        1. Thanks for the assist, DC. My post was in response to dragon2454, who wrote about “pounds of pressure.” I was clarifying the difference between force and pressure.

          I concur that torque/bending is the key parameter, which is lb-ft or N-m. However, work is equal to force times distance, not pressure times distance. And the definition of work is with respect to displacement in the direction of the applied force (vector dot product).

    2. It took 120 pounds to bend the s5, but it didn’t work after bending it, the iPhones did. The 6 Plus took 90 lbs to bend it.
      Way more pressure than any normal person would put on his phone.

    1. What blows my mind is that idiots believe some random YouTube guy or street performance than a true scientific test. I don’t get that kind of mentality. Then I read the Haters encouraging more idiots to run to the Applr store and try to bend these phone. Seriously??? Just stupid!

          1. Hey Jubei the name caller… Apple didn’t disclose that information till that news reporter came by… At that point, that dumbass phone bender had already been all over the web…

    1. Funnily enough, I read this news days ago. SquareTrade announced these results before this moronic #Bendgate/Bendghazi BS exploded out of control. I thought MDN even put up an article about it then, but I could be mistaken.

        1. AND here is SquareTrade’s video of their iPhone 6 and 6+ testing from September 21, that being TWO DAYS BEFORE the Unbox Therapy ‘bendgate’ video. To quote from this video:

          After 6 drops [of 4 feet], the iPhone 6 had only a few nicks and scratches. That’s the BEST any phone has EVER performed in our drop test.

          hmmity Hmm HMM!!!

        2. AND AND just to throw in one teeny bit more of ‘HMM!’ factor:

          SquareTrade presented the GOOD iPhone 6/6+ results.

          SquareSpace presented that BAD iPhone 6/6+ results, the ones with no scientific measurement and blatant video edits.

          So, if you’re a manipulative dickhead company, what’s a great way to confuse the pinheads you don’t want to buy a competing product? CONFUSE them with results from similarly sounding sources.

          Trade. Space. Super HMM!

  1. I prefer this title:

    “Apple’s 64-bit iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5s are tougher, have better user privacy, superior ecosystem, better quality apps and near zero fragmentation than Samsung’s 2-bit Antique Dealer unpopular selling & tanking fast malware-infested and highly fragmented 32-bit Galaxy S5.”

    Much better.

      1. Every little Apple issue gets underlined, capitalized, sensationalized and vilified by the disingenuous media and Fandroid whereas nobody cares about Android issues so they just get summarily unreported (and the media wouldn’t be on Apple’s payroll anyway).

        It really shows you Apple is the leader everyone is afraid of, the one to beat and the one doing the best job. I just saw the new phones while visiting down here in Carlsbad, CA and they are fantastic. (The Slo-Mo feature is amazing, among others.) This store was down to just iPhone 6’s in stock with limited models available. The only problem people are having it “which one do I get??” I wonder what the demand percentage is over the two iPhone 6 models? The guys at the store didn’t seem to know.

        Apple popularity and sales continue unabated. 🙂

        1. I wonder what the demand percentage is over the two iPhone 6 models?

          Two iPhone 6 models? I hope you mean between the 6 and 6+. The indicators so far say the 6+ is more popular. But hard numbers are still forthcoming.

          IF, however, you meant ALL the model variations: You have a minimum of 18 options, per each of the models:

          – Color: Three choices
          – Drive capacity: Three choices
          – With contract (locked) vs UNlocked: Two choices.
          3x3x2 = 18

          Then add in the USA carrier choices: Four choices.
          3x3x2x4 = 72 total choices within the USA.

          Then, for fun, throw in current options for the iPhone 5S and 5c:
          *Fatal IO error*

            1. If the official number breakdowns ever come out, it will show the iPhone 6 overwhelmingly far more popular than the 6+, as it really should be. The iPhone 6+ only seems to be more popular because of all the supply constraints.

  2. It would be better if the new iPhones could be compared with say about 20 flagship smartphones from different makers to get an idea of where the iPhone 6 stands in bend resistance tests. Since there are no set standards it really doesn’t prove anything. I think it’s up to the consumer to take precautions when handling any expensive electronic consumer device. It really just takes common sense to be careful with any electronic device.

  3. As many people on this forum said, the durability of a smartphone cannot be judged solely on the basis of an unscientific manual bend test. The trolls actually seemed to believe that Apple failed to consider or test for bending strength. And they disregarded the historically poor performance of Samsung phones in drop tests, even though that is a much more likely way for a cell phone to be damaged.

    Well, Apple does pay attention to all aspects of the iPhone design, as they showed years ago with the iPhone 4 antenna and now with the iPhone 6/Plus case design and testing. And independent scientific testing supports Apple and refutes the overexcited FUD of the media, trolls, and haters.

    Once again, Apple survives a trial by fire. If only the media and consumers applied such tight scrutiny and high expectations to every manufacturer and every product…

  4. From the source article:
    …When it came to the 10-point durability score, the iPhone 6 fared the best with a score of 4, followed by the iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 5s at 5 and 6 points, respectively. The Samsung Galaxy S5 performed the worst overall with 6.5 points.

    As expected.

    1. Here is SquareTrade’s press release:

      In the quotes below, I bolded text relevant to the Moto and HTC phones:

      The new series of iPhones performed above expectations, scoring higher than both previous iPhone models and popular Android phones like the Samsung Galaxy S5. The iPhone 6’s Breakability Score of 4 sets a new high mark with a slightly better performance than even Google/Motorola’s Moto X and the HTC One. The much larger iPhone 6 Plus scored a 5, more than a full point better than the Samsung Galaxy S5, making it the most durable phone with a screen larger than five inches.

      SquareTrade’s Breakability Score testing revealed the following:

      1. The iPhone 6 Plus is not only more durable than most large screen phones, but it also outscored last generation’s iPhone 5S
      2. Both new iPhones performed very well in most tests, but the iPhone 6 Plus lost some points because some users may have a hard time gripping the phone due to its large but slim form
      3. The screens on both new iPhones held up very well to Breakability testing, giving credence to Apple’s promise of ion-strengthened glass.

      “Apple has done it again, with a pair of larger phones that are more durable than their smaller predecessors,” says Ty Shay, CMO of SquareTrade….

    1. You think thats bad. The Android iHating Idiots are claiming your body heat can be so hot, it will soften the aluminum body of the iPhone 6.

      Trust me on this…these Hating idiots truly believes this theory. LOL!!!!

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