Uri Geller: Here’s the real reason iPhones are bending

“Why is iPhone 6 prone to bending?” Jeremy Olshan reports for MarketWatch. “‘There are two possible explanations,’ Uri Geller, the psychic illusionist famous for bending spoons with his mind, told MarketWatch. ‘Either the phone is so seriously thin and flimsy that it is bendable with mere physical force, which I cannot believe given the extensive tests Apple would have done. Or — and this is far more plausible — somehow the energy and excitement of the 10 million people who purchased iPhones has awakened their mind powers and caused the phones to bend.'”

“Reached in England to discuss this psychic event, Geller, 67, suggested Apple make him a spokesman. ‘I urge Apple to hire me to explain to the world that this is not the company’s fault at all,’ he says,” Olshan reports. “The iPhone is hardly the only gadget that is psychically malleable, Geller says. ‘I’ve bent my old BlackBerrys before — I’ll send you a picture to prove it.'”

Read more, and see the photo of Geller with his bent BlackBerry antique, here.

MacDailyNews Take: Mind-bending.

With it already being lampooned, this bit of iPhone FUD just doesn’t have legs.

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    “If you put a think device in your back pocket and sit down that device will bend”

    If people haven’t even got the common sense to realise I worry about the future I the human race.

    This isn’t an apple problem – this is a common sense user problem, just like the ‘icloud’ thing.. If your stupid enough to put dodgy photos on a cloud service and don’t expect it to be hacked you need to wake up.

    Come on humanity – get some bloody common sense!!!!

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